Swimming Town Lake Takes Guts

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On 16 July 2005, TempeHiker drove to downtown Tempe to watch his daughter swim in a competition at Tempe's Town Lake. It was the eight o'clock hour on a Saturday morning and the sunrise was shining on the west side of Mill Avenue.

TempeHiker took the following pictures of downtown Tempe while walking north on Mill Avenue.

At Tempe Beach Park [plaque], TempeHiker got a couple pictures of the Hayden Flour Mill { another view} before crossing over to the north side of the Town Lake.

Bree and her partner exchange hand slaps and Bree is swimming in the Tempe Town Lake. One swimmer who completed the course said the water was vile.

TempeHiker walked back to his car at 5th Street and Farmer by crossing south on the Mill Avenue Bridge. The following pictures were taken from the bridge.

TempeHiker turned west on Rio Solado Parkway to get more Tempe stadium pictures. From left field to right field and the cobblestone bleachers.

At the intersection of Rio Solado and Ash is the Old Town Square which has a handful of old buildings that are being used today.

South of Old Town Square is a collection of cabooses with a courtyard. On the west side of the tracks is the Showcase and Fixture Company.

These days, the Tempe train station is a Mexican food restaurant.

A couple large empty lots can be found on the west side of Farmer just south of 5th Street. Farmer is just west of the RR tracks.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 17 July 2005