Tempe Tavern

I hope Tempe Tavern lives to 2111 and beyond.

We were driving south on McClintock a few days prior to the opening of Tempe Tavern and a Tempe Tavern mural caught my eye. Upon arriving home I clicked the "Like" button for Tempe Tavern's facebook page. A short time later I learned of Tempe Tavern's opening date.

I visited Tempe Tavern at 2:15pm MST on 6 May 2011. It is located across from a Metro Lightrail stop on East Apache Blvd. in Tempe, Arizona.

I got a Rogue Dead Guy to drink. I wasn't going to eat, but I ended up getting a Chicago Dog. I am not a Chicago Dog expert, but I know a good Chicago Dog when I eat/see one. I don't consider the Chicago Dog at Tempe Tavern a Chicago Dog. It's a good hot dog--I enjoyed it, but to me it's not a Chicago Dog. I liked my pint of Rogue Dead Guy.

Tempe Tavern is housed in a historic site in Tempe, Arizona. I enjoyed the preserved section of old ceiling. The ceiling reminded of my uncle's tavern in Warsaw, Illinois, and that was a long time ago.

I have an affection for Bell System manhole covers. This manhole cover is just outside Tempe Tavern. I got to visit Tempe Tavern thanks in large part to the Bell System (Ma Bell).

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