W.P. Carey MBA - Technology Program
and the Center Point ground breaking

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On 15 July 2005, TempeHiker went to downtown Tempe to an open house for the W.P. Carey MBA - Technology Program. The open house was held at the ASU Foundation building located on the northeast corner of University and College Avenues.

TempeHiker parked at the Farmer and 5th Street parking lot. His walk to the ASU Foundation building went past Tempe Fire House #1 [emblem]. The sidewalk offered a history lesson for those who walk with their heads down. {sidewalk} {sidewalk} {sidewalk} Other quickie highlights were the jackrabbit fountain near Harkins Centerpoint Theater and a tall fountain between the Chase office building and PF Chang's.

The ASU Foundation building was completed in 2005 and it is one "gateway" to the ASU at the Tempe campus. The city of Tempe claims to be "the smart place to be" and ASU is a big reason why this may be true. Arizona State University is doing great stuff and one example is their new W.P. Carey MBA for Technology, Science and Engineering with professional certification in Sustainability Management. The Technology Program is a collaboration between the W.P. Carey School of Business and the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.

After the presentation, TempeHiker took a picture of Tempe from the 5th floor of the ASU Foundation building and found a model of ASU and downtown Tempe.

Tempe needs to sprawl and since it cannot sprawl outward it is sprawling upward. The Center Point is going to help morph Tempe into a 24-by-7 city. The Center Point will be a shiney 22 stories tall. TempeHiker wasn't able to attend the 13 July 2005 ground breaking ceremony, but he was able to see the ground on which the Center Point skyscrapper-like structure will be built.

TempeHiker, while returning to his car, got a view of the Hayden Flour Mill and he found another Tempe sign.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 17 July 2005