Papago Park, Canal Park, Lo Piano Habitat, Eisendrath House

It is difficult to take pictures in Papago and Canal parks without getting wires and poles in the pictures. PixelPainter has edited some of the pictures removing stuff like wires, poles, cement (i.e. everything that is not Mother Nature). In all cases, the original picture is displayed along with PixelPainter's edits.

TempeHiker is at Papago Park and the Lo Piano Habitat in north Tempe.

This abandoned RR cut (no wires) is worthy of an informational sign.

It is strange to encounter water in the middle of the desert.

This rock wall is next to Loma Del Rio ruins.

Papago Park has some huge rocks and a fishing pond. {another view}

This tunnel goes under Curry Road. {movie}

The Papago Park Green Line { sign} is located north of Curry Road and it leads to the Arizona Historical Society Museum.

This is the backside of the Eisendrath House, which is adjacent to the Martinez Water Maintenance Facility. { sign}

Canal Park is directly north of Papago Park.

Walking south along N. College Ave. took us past the front of the Eisendrath House and the Arizona Historical Society Museum.

GWFC Tempe Women's Club Park is located across the street from the museum.

The following graffiti was found while playing in Papago and Canal parks.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 13 June 2006
Picture Editor: PixelPainter