Pictures of Tempe Taken while Doing Graffiti During May 2006

TempeHiker has been wasting his time documenting Tempe's graffiti problem. In the process he has taken various and sundry pictures of Tempe, Arizona.

The northside of Town Lake has this long mosiac.

This is Town Lake looking east from the northbound Mill Avenue bridge.

TempeHiker went to the Hayden Square because there was graffiti on the Hayden Square Condominiums.

It was nice to see the 'A' as gold.

The following is a collection of pictures of the Hayden Flour Mill.

It would be fun to play whiffle ball on Tempe Field.

It has been a while since TempeHiker visited Papago Park.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 25 May 2006