Kiwanis Park in Tempe, Arizona

TempeHiker visited Kiwanis Park to get tickets to Tempe's Block Party. We parked the car on All-America Way that runs north/south through the park.

The Kiwanis Park Baseball Complex was created in 1973 and the park has numerous baseball fields along with a baseball sculpture.

The park honors Veterans with a plaque.

Kiwanis Park suffers from graffiti here and graffiti there. In other words, the park has a graffiti problem.

Despite the graffiti, kids probably enjoy playing on a camel sculpture found in one of the playgrounds.

A bridge is used to walk under All-America Way.

Kiwanis Park has a lake that comes with ducks and duck poop. {duck swiming} {duck up-close}

There is lots of graffiti around the lake. {graffiti} {graffiti} {graffiti} {graffiti} {graffiti} {graffiti}

Sculptures (another view) are found near the lake.

There is a canal located along the western edge Kiwanis Park.

TempeHiker is not sure why Kwanis Park has a Fiesta banner.

The Sister City Gardens are located in Kiwanis Park.

Upon returning to the car we found a mirror and a safety first The mirror was used to get a picture of palm trees and a picture of TempeHiker.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 30 December 2006