Messed Up Green 'A' and Hayden Butte Graffiti

On a recent visit to his P.O. box, TempeHiker noticed that the 'A' on Hayden Butte was painted green. He didn't have his camera so he couldn't get pictures. TempeHiker returned to Hayden Butte a couple of days later, but the 'A' had been painted yet again.

TempeHiker decided to hike up Hayden Butte to get a closer view of the 'A'. {new rock wall}

Light-rail is going in at the base of Hayden Butte. { more light-rail}

Hayden Butte has a major graffiti problem.

Hayden Butte also has hanging low hanging wires and of course litter.

TempeHiker walked past the Hayden Flour Mill ( another view) to see what was new since his last visit (another view). He found graffiti here and graffiti there and more graffiti here and more graffiti there.

While waking back to his car, TempeHiker found a Tempe Music Festival poster even though the festival took place weeks ago.

It was nice to see Restaurant Mexico was open and doing business on Mill Avenue.

Just like anyplace else in the world, sex sells in Tempe. This bikini girl was found on a fence promoting the high-life in Tempe's new high-rise condos.

A few more pictures before calling it a day.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 21 April 2007