Graffiti, Litter and a Political Sign on 06/06/06

TempeHiker left his home with the intention of documenting a political sign on a vacant lot located on McClintock. His outing ended up including graffiti and litter.

TempeHiker went west down landscaped alley/walkway.

Graffiti on this light pole and graffiti on this light pole.

Graffiti on this utility box and graffiti on this utility box.

TempeHiker got a "reflection picture" thanks to somebody throwing away a mirror.

The west end of the landscaped alley/walkway is at McClintock and Gaicki Park. The park structure has this plaque. Gaicki Park has some nasty graffiti.

TempeHiker turns south down the eastside of McClintock.

Graffiti on traffic signal pole.

Litter alert! Resilient polystrene plastic is in the middle of McClintock. It will break into lots of litter if a vehicle hits it. Luckily, we had found an empty plastic bag on our walk and was able capture the stryofoam and other litter.

TempeHiker crosses over to the westside of McClintock still heading south.

God graffiti on this utility box and god graffiti on this utility box and god graffiti on this utility box.

Finally, TempeHiker makes it to his destination spot-- a vacant lot that attracts lots of political signs. { graffiti on sign}

This politician needs to be congratulated on being the first to litter this vacant lot with his visual spam. TempeHiker noticed that the political sign had graffiti. Political signs, graffiti, litter --what's the difference?

Within about a five foot radius around the political sign, TempeHiker collected up political sign litter accumulated over past political seasons. This litter is a collection of wire pieces and plastic strips.

While leaving the vacant lot, TempeHiker spotted graffiti on this sign.

TempeHiker noticed the wall on the westside of the vacant lot was free of graffiti, but that has not always been the case. When will the graffiti return?

TempeHiker continued walking south on McClintock heading for home.

God and Nazi graffiti on this utility box.

Near this popular restaurant was this graffiti and this graffiti and this graffiti.

TempeHiker continued south on McClintock wanting to go home.

God graffiti on this utility box and graffiti on this traffic light.

More litter that is taken care of.

The bus stop has grocery cart litter. { another view} While crossing McClintock, another bus stop with grocery cart litter was encountered.

These carts were returned to Fry's, three carts when to Trader Joe's and one cart went to Dollar Tree Store.

This trash can says to "keep the lids closed," but it has no lids. {another view}

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 06 June 2006