Tempe Gets Rain After 143 Days With No Rain

On Saturday, 11 March 2006, Tempe got measurable rain for the first time since 18 October 2005. Tempe went 143 consecutive days without any measurable rain. Tempe went a full four months with no rain (Nov-05, Dec-05, Jan-06, Feb-06).

It rained all day on Saturday, 11 March 2006. For the entire day, Tempe received over an inch of gentle rain.

Sometimes the rain causes Optimist Park to become a lake park complete with ducks. { another view}

The next day on Sunday morning, the park was covered by blue skies and a couple ducks were still around.

Author: Gerald "TempeHiker" Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 15 Mar 2006