Canal and Papago Parks in Tempe and Phoenix

TempeHiker visited Canal Park in Tempe on 26 June 2008.

Canal Park is home to the Evelyn Hallman Pond. {another view}

{island} {bird on island} {cattails} {wetlands}

Papago Park is west of and adjacent to Canal Park. Papago Park has lots of rocky terrain and numerous desert views. Sadly, however, many of the views in Papago Park are marred by wires.

While walking north in Papago Park, we saw the Entombment of George W. P. Hunt and hiked a short trail to get a closer view. {plaque} {another plaque}

From the Hunt entombment you can see downtown Tempe to the south, downtown Phoenix to the west and Camelback Mountain to the north.

We continued walking north through Papago Park, which has lots of palm trees and lakes.

{palm tree path} {lake view} {bent palm tree} {rocky view}
{ducks} {ducks} {ducks}

We saw a rock ramada and took pictures from the inside looking out. {another view}

We continued heading north in Papago Park and encountered a trail of stairs that lead to the Hole-In-The-Rock. {view} {view} {view}

After visiting the Hole-In-The-Rock, we hiked back to Canal Park. While walking to our car, we encountered a bird with a fish in its mouth. The bird didn't trust us so it dropped the fish and flew away.

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Created: 29 June 2008