Light Rail, Center For the Arts, The Grove

Tempe is a two-time All-America City and it is getting light rail.

A light rail bridge has been constructed to pass over Rio Salado Parkway and Town Lake.

The Tempe Center For the Arts is located on the southwest end of Town Lake. This fence banner offers a futuristic view of Town Lake to the east (another sign).

Some sculpture has been completed ( another view).

Some landscaping has been completed ( another view and another view).

Rio Salado Parkway offers views of Camelback Mountain.

Grove of Arizona Cities and Towns (see sign) is on the southwest corner of Rio Salado and Hardy. The Grover has litter and temporary housing and pornography.

The Tempe Center For the Arts can be seen from W. 1st St.

Some graffiti was found in the neighborhood.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 20 July 2007