Archaeological Dig at Hayden Flour Mill on 10 July 2006 in Tempe

TempeHiker went downtown Tempe to get pictures of the archaeological dig happening at the Hayden Flour Mill.

TempeHiker parked under the Loop 202 at 620 S. Mill Avenue. From there he could see the Hayden Flour Mill { another view} and the Center of the Arts.

Work continues on light-rail through Tempe. { looking south} { looking west}

From Center Parkway, on the the north-side of Town Lake, we could see work was continuing on the Center of the Arts.

The northside of the light-rail bridge has some math recorded on it. {another view} {another view}

TempeHiker is always happy to see the Tree of Life sculpture surviving all the new construction. The Tree of Life is located across the Town Lake from the Center of the Arts.

We walked over the 2nd Mill Avenue Bridge south toward the Hayden Flour Mill.

The following pictures of the Hayden Flour Mill were taken from Hayden Butte.

While on Hayden Butte, TempeHiker noticed how the view of Camelback is gone.

Some more Hayden Flour Mill pictures from street level.

Some final pictures for the day.

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Created: 12 July 2006