Downtown Tempe and ASU on 19 May 2006

TempeHiker was in downtown Tempe at about 9:30am for a ten o'clock meeting at ASU. From this spot near City Hall you can see the ASU Brickyard and the tall man sculpture.

We are heading southeast toward ASU's Tempe campus. The walk took us past the Mouer House and Hatton Hall.

Street sign math was found at the corner of E. 7th St. and S. Myrtle Ave. A tiny vehicle was for sale along 7th Street.

On the ASU campus, our walk took us past the Hayden Library, a patriotic truck, an almost people-free Palm Walk, some artwork and an aging building.

The meeting ended a bit past 11:00am. Old Main is across University Avenue from the ASU Foundation building.

The following pictures were taken from the top floor of Parking Lot #5 located on Veterans Way.

We have started to hike Hayden Butte.

TempeHiker did not know why The A on Hayden Butte was painted red and white.

The following pictures were taken from the top of Hayden Butte.

The following pictures of the Hayden Flour Mill were taken from Mill Avenue.

The city of Tempe has started the Hayden Flour Mill Archaeological Project.

The last picture of the day was of the US Airway building reflected from a building on 3rd Street.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 20 May 2006