The 'A' on Hayden Butte Painted Blue and White

It was suppose to be a quick visit to my P.O. Box, but a blue and white 'A' on Hayden Butte forced me to put on my TempeHiker hat.

We parked at the Jaycee Park at 5th Street and Hardy and walked east on 5th Street to the Mill Avenue District. Tempe hosts all kinds of events including volleyball tournaments.

We crossed Mill Avenue and continued east to the corner of 5th Street and Myrtle Avenue. [math: 5 x 100 = 500] For some reason the 'A' on Hayden Butte was painted blue and white { another view with flags}

Access to Hayden Butte is severly limited due to light-rail construction; therefore, we returned to Mill Avenue via 5th Street.

The cities in the Valley of the Sun take pride in their crane counters. Tempe has a bunch around Town Lake and on the ASU campus, but now we have a downtown crane.

We headed north on the east-side of Mill Avenue and couldn't resist taking a picture of the Fascinations' window display.

The town clock said it was just past 11:00am.

The following pictures were taken on Hayden Butte.

While returning to Jaycee Park, we found a parking sign containing math. [sqrt(62) = 6] And the solar clock near City Hall said it was just past 11:30am.

A 9/11/2001 litter can was found in front of the Boys and Girls Club on 5th Street near Jaycee Park. In addition, we found a crosswalk for hulahoopers.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 14 Apr 2006