Light Rail, Town Lake, Hayden Butte and Mill

TempeHiker visited downtown Tempe on 20 December 2005 with two objectives: check the status of light rail construction over Town Lake and document the paint problem on top of Hayden Butte.

We park at the Tempe Beach Park for a light rail update.

The north/south light rail bridge spans Town Lake.

A light rail car was on display.

The Center of the Arts is west of the light rail bridge on the south-side of Town Lake.

Tempe Beach Park offers excellent views of the Mill Avenue bridges.

TempeHiker calls Tempe's baseball field Tempe Field.

The walk along 5th Street was colorful.

TempeHiker enjoys taking pictures of the Hayden Flour Mill.

Reflections: actual ... reflected

U.S. Airways building taken from Tempe Field.

We start our ascent of Hayden Butte stopping at the memorial. The trail to the memorial is not an official trail. If Hayden Butte was mine, the memorial would be removed and the trail revegetated.

Hayden Butte contains petroglyphs that are not spilled paint.

Hayden Butte offers excellent views.

We have hit the stairs on Hayden Butte and our paint adventure begins. The paint report is documented in a separate slideshow (opens new window).

Taking pictures of The 'A' is fun.

The historic Tempe National Bank has a facade front-side that makes the rest of the building unworthy of photographing.

While walking back to Beach Park, we added the following pictures to the TempeHiker::Tempe collection.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 28 December 2005