Patrols the Tempe Mill Avenue Bridge

TempeHiker tired of finding litter on the Tempe Bridge and that prompted a litter patrol on 19 July 2005.

We parked by the Mill and Curry bus stop in Tempe.

A short walk south got us to the Tempe Bridge.

TempeHiker won't elaborate about the litter patrol, but he did take a couple of pictures while crossing the bridge.

Upon completing the litter patrol, TempeHiker wandered around the north side of Tempe Town Lake.

There is lots of stuff to read when you walk around the Tempe Town Lake.

TempeHiker walked past a Tree of Life sculpture and a decorative litter can.

The new Tempe Center of the Arts is under construction on the south side of the west end of Tempe Town Lake. It is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2006.

On the west side of the dam is the Salt River.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 21 July 2005