P.O. Box Visit on 6 July 2005

TempeHiker has a mailbox at the downtown Tempe U.S. Post Office located at 5th Street and Mill Avenue. TempeHiker visits the mailbox once or twice a week and sometimes he takes along a digital camera to take pictures of Tempe. TempeHiker visited his P.O. Box with digital camera on 6 June 2005.

TempeHiker is walking north on Mill Avenue to hike Hayden Butte. The Hayden Flour Mill (another view) is west of the Hayden Butte pedestrian road.

Hayden Butte is also called 'A' Mountain. The hike to the 'A' offers views of Town Lake construction, the bridges of Tempe, and ASU at the Tempe campus.

The top of Hayden Butte (elevations) offers 360 degrees of scenic views.

TempeHiker was happy to see that a garbage can had been placed at the top of Hayden Butte; however, it is never any fun to see 'A' mountain defecated with worthless grafitti.

More pictures taken on Hayden Butte.

Walking down the Hayden Butte trail takes you past the petroglyph rock (zoom) that is documented by a plaque.

It was early July and Hayden Butte was drier than dry as evidenced by a heat stressed cactus that hadn't seen rain in 74 days.

TempeHiker headed toward the ASU football 'A', but access is restricted. Next to the football stadium, however, you find a Sparky bell, Frank Kush statue, and a Rose Bowl plaque.

Just east of the football stadium is a gate to the ASU Desert Arboretum Park. {view} {view} {view} {view}

Slightly southeast of the arboretum is a collection of cement pillars that TempeHiker knows nothing about.

TempeHiker walked past ASU's "greek" street. It was interesting to find a "greek" house with doors and windows open when it was 112°F outside. {view} {view} {view}

ASU is in the process of expanding student housing. Next to an old dorm is a new dorm.

TempeHiker is crossing University Avenue ( looking east) using the ASU University pedestrian bridge. The southern end of the bridge becomes Palm Walk.

TempeHiker didn't have time to wander the entire campus, but a handful of pictures were collected.

TempeHiker is finally heading downtown to his P.O. box. The walk goes past the Old Church at University and College Avenues.

Along 7th Street--just east of Mill Avenue--is the Moeur house (sign) and the Hatton Hall Community building.

Just east of Mill Avenue--behind the Brickyard--is a walkway with fountain and a view of the 'A'.

An old bank building at 6th Street and Mill Avenue is being redeveloped into something that will not be a bank.

A view from the northwest corner of 6th Street and Mill Avenue offers an example of downtown Tempe's diversity.

The old Tempe Hardware building doesn't house a hardware store, but it does have one of Tempe's few murals {from Mill} {from alley} . An old advertising mural can be found on the back-side of the old Tempe Hardware building.

The downtown Tempe U.S. Post Office (85280 zipcode) is located on the southwest corner of 5th Street and Mill Avenue.

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Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 10 July 2005