TempeHiker Pays a Quick Visit to Downtown Phoenix and Ed The Hotdogger

On 15 August 2008, TempeHiker drove to downtown Phoenix to visit Ed The Hotdogger. He parked on 8th Ave. just south of the Grace Court School.

While driving into Phoenix on southbound 7th Ave., we noticed the Madison Square Garden Museum. Outside the museum was a Madison Square Garden Memorial that included informational plaques (zoom).

Madison Square Garden picture taken during June of 2006. {another view} {another view}

We decided to walk east on Monroe Street to Central Avenue. The walk along Monroe Street took him past an old Baptist Church, some new high-rise living and the Hotel San Carlos.

While walking south on Central Ave., we went past the old Professional Building, which might be the Hotel Monroe someday.

The buildings of "modern" times are great for seeing reflections and we like the Copper Square "murals" that hang on some of the buildings.

Patriots Square (another view) , which is located across Jefferson Street from the Luhrs Tower is history.

The light-rail stop on 1st Ave. just north of Jefferson St. provides a Phoenix history lesson. For example, you can learn about Johnk Frank ("the right to remain silent") and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Ed The Hotdogger operates the stand at southwest corner of Jefferson Street and 1st Avenue.

Ed The Hotdogger has been hotdogging it in Phoenix since 1971. A couple of years ago Ed started offering The Cookie Master cookie.

After chatting with Ed, we headed non-stop back to the car and drove home. The pictures taken on this visit to Phoenix have been added to the pictures of Phoenix that we've taken over the last few years.

TempeHiker:: Phoenix, Arizona

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Created: 21 August 2008