Destination: Lakeview, Oregon via Reno, Nevada
4 Days/3 Nights

Day One

Fly from Phoenix, Arizona to Reno, Nevada. [ ariel view]

Rent a car and exit Reno via U.S. Hwy-395 heading northwest. It doesn't take long before the scenic views begin. At the 20 mile mark we reach the California border. Continue a scenic drive on U.S. Hwy-395 northwest 65 miles to Susanville, CA. Switch to CA Hwy-44 northwest for 5 miles and turn north onto CA Hwy-139. CA Hwy-139 goes along Eagle Lake. Drive 70 miles on CA Hwy-139 to the next town -- Arlin, CA. Switch to CA Hwys-139/229 for 25 miles and at Camby resume CA Hwy-139 north to the Lava Beds National Monument.

{view} {view} {view} {view} {view} {view}
{lookout} {lookout} {lookout}
{cave} {cave} {cave} {cave} {cave}

Return south to Camby (110 miles round trip), head northeast on CA Hwy-229 for 20 miles and then head north on U.S. Hwy 395 for another 40 miles to the Oregon border. We had dinner at a good road-side cafe. Lakeview is 15 miles north of the Oregon border on U.S. Hwy-395. [ scenic view]

We arrived in Lakeview, Oregon around 5:00pm. We spent all three nights at in a wonderful home located about ten miles out of town. Thank You Hadley, Elna and Otto (and Stacey) for being so kind and generous.

That evening Mother Nature treated us to rainbows and a sunset.

365 miles
Days Two and Three

Today started with a nice sunrise and a visit to downtown Lakeview.

{cemetery} {safeway} {flag} {old building} {saloon} {geyser} {cowboy}

I decided to drive the Nevada border using Oregon Highway-140.

{view} {view} {view} {litter}
{gap} {litter}

The entrance into Nevada did not have a welcome sign. I drove about 10 miles into Nevada before turning around. There was a Welcome to Oregon sign.

I drove OR Hwy-140 west to Plush-Adel Road. The drive north on Plush-Adel Road offered numerous scenic views. I visited Hart Mountain and the Warner Wetlands.

{hart mnt} {hart mnt} {hart mnt} {wetlands} {wetlands}

On the drive back to Lakeview, I encountered this green and silver plant.

Day Three

Go for an early AM walk with playful Stacey. Just getting to the road is a hike.

Hadley, Bree and Stacey do a run up Drakes Peak. Stacey gets distracted and goes after an animal. Elna, Otto and I walk to the top of Drakes Peak and are treated to numerous scenic views.

{drakes peak} {drakes peak} {drakes peak}

We return home but I need to continue playing in the Oregon Outback so I drove into Lakeview and hiked up to the top of Black Cap. The hike/climb was full of scenic views.

{downtown Lakeview} {colors} {Goose lake (in the distance)} {big valley} {litter}

On the drive home I had to take a picture of a colorful field.

Day Four

Leave Lakeview early (but not too early). The flight leaves Reno at 6:20pm. The plan is to drive U.S. CA-Hwy 395 south back into California (15 miles). At about 35 miles, turn east onto CA Hwy-299. Prior to the Nevada border (15 miles), continue southeast into Nevada (30 miles) to visit the Black Rock Desert (45 miles; Burning Man location).

This part of trip included lots of straight and flat open road, but every now and then we would encounter a cow.

The desert was hot and dry.

{the playa} {bree} {me}

Go south on NV Hwy-447 for 70 miles. [ scenic view], return to the Reno airport, and fly home to Tempe.

{Reno airport} {harsh lands} {what is it?} {las vegas}

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 03 June 2003