Truman Turns 80

Truman Thurman turned 80 on 24 June 2007. So we hopped on a plane and flew to Chicago to pay him a surprise visit.

The following pictures were taken from the plane while flying from Phoenix to Chicago.

The drive from O'Hare to Joliet is approximately 40 miles. We stopped at an Oasis for a bite to eat. The Oasis was above the I-295 Tollway.

We arrived at Janice's and waited for the parents to arrive. Janice had pre-arranged to take the parents out for dinner at one of Truman's favorite restaurants. Janice waited for them on the porch while Kathleen and I hid away inside. They arrived when expected and while walking to the car Janice told them that she had forgotten something. She went into her house and when she came back out Kathleen and I were with her--surprise!

We drove to Naperville for a seafood dinner at the Keywester, which just happened to have Hemmingway's Bar.

After dinner we returned to Janice's home in Plainfield. Janice lives across the street from this old church.

Saturday was a rainy day, which was good for the residents of Joliet because they badly needed some rain. The rain did, however, cancel our plans to do a roadtrip (we had rented a nice car). We managed to get out and stopped at Babe's Hotdogs for lunch.

Thurman's train is located in Truman's garage.

Saturday night dinner was at White Fence Farm.

On Sunday morning, the day of Truman's 80th birthday, we looked at some old pictures prior to leaving for the airport.

We left Joliet and drove back to O'Hare for our flight home. The following pictures were taken from the plane.

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Created: 22 July 2007