Coronado National Memorial

One day; 426 miles; 03 October 2003

I had to attend a meeting at Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The meeting started at 8:30am and it was scheduled to be over at noon. I looked at the map to see if a short road trip could be experienced during the afternoon hours. I had been reading in the Tucson press about a litter problem being caused by illegal immigrants entering into the United States; therefore, I decided to visit the Coronado National Memorial located in the Huachuca Mountains adjacent to the Mexico border in central Arizona. Two quick points: The Coronado National Memorial was Free of litter and it is full of Mother Nature.

[side-bar] I am still learning how to use my new camera so I took the old one along with the new one and both cameras were used.

[side-bar] KCDX, 103.1 FM, Florence, did not work for most of the trip. I am glad I took along some CDs.

I left my Tempe home at 5:00am in the dark.

The drive south on I-10 was pleasant because the traffic was light. I stopped at a rest area that was 34 miles out of town and it was full of parked trucks with sleeping drivers. I enjoyed not having problems with trucks while driving I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson.

It was dark and that meant a chance to take a sunrise picture with Picacho Peak in the distance.

62 miles out of town, on the west-side of I-10, there is an interesting collection of stuff located in desolate desert. I exited I-10 at Sunshine Boulevard and took Milligan Road to the front entrance that made it clear no trespassing was allowed {old} in the eclectic collection of stuff. {old}

75 miles out of town was Picacho Peak. {old} {new camera with flash} {old}

I hit Tucson at 7:00am, but there was no rush hour traffic. Switch from I-10 south to I-10 east in Tucson.

157 miles out of town, turn south onto AZ Hwy-90. The west-side of AZ Hwy-90 offers numerous scenic views of the Whetstone Mountains.

190 miles out of town, at 8:27am, park in the parking lot at Cochise College for the Fall 2003 ATF meeting on the Sierra Vista campus.

The meeting ended at noon so I drove 20 miles south to Coronado National Memorial.

{scenic view} {scenic view} {scenic view}

Drive a few miles on a thin gravel road to Montezuma Pass. I stopped and took a one mile hike. I took a garbage bag with me expecting to pick-up litter, but no litter was found. I greatly enjoyed the fact that the Coronado National Memorial is Free of litter.

{scenic view} {scenic view} {scenic view}

[old camera pictures]
{scenic view} {scenic view} {scenic view} {scenic view} {scenic view}
{ant colony}

Return to Sierra Vista via AZ Hwy-92 which becomes AZ Hwy-90.

I was going to take AZ Hwy-90 straight north to I-10, but the map had AZ Hwy-82 and AZ Hwy-83 marked as scenic routes. Therefore, I returned to I-10 by driving 19 miles west on AZ Hwy-82 followed by 27 miles north on AZ Hwy-83. Since AZ Hwy-83 was marked a scenic route, I stopped to for a scenic view. Sadly, I encountered litter and I decided to pick-up a small bag of litter that consisted mostly bottles and cans. A few miles further down the road I encounter a road side table that didn't have a garbage can, but it sure had a litter here and litter there.

I found the drive west on AZ Hwy-82 somewhat scenic, but I am not sure why AZ Hwy-83 gets scenic route designation. Don't get me wrong, Mother Nature is always scenic, but I have been on more scenic drives that were not designated scenic.

I arrived home in Tempe at 5:30pm. The drive north on I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix was high-speed with lots of traffic (and lots of trucks). The drive required 100% concentration and I made no stops.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 04 October 2003