Tempe, Arizona, to the Tehachapi Loop in California

This 1,102 mile, three-day road trip, was taken during the last three days of December, 2008.

Day One (434 miles)

Colorado River at Parker. CA Hwy-62 (Colorado Desert; RR trestle; Tamarisk shoe tree remains; cement slab; Rice; shoe fence). Fortynine Palms Oasis in the Joshua Tree National Park. Barstow (murals and Harvey House). Rainbow Basin Natural Area.

Day Two (400 miles)

Mojave Desert. Town of Mojave. Town of Tehachapi (murals). Tehachapi Loop. California City. Desert Tortoise Natural Area. Town of Boron (Twenty Mule Team Museum). Route 66. Amboy Crater. Shoe trees along Route 66.

Day Three (268 miles)

Town of Needles (El Garces Train Station [Harvey House]). US Hwy-95 in California. Vidal. Colorado River.