Winslow, Arizona
2 days/1 night; 346 miles

On Memorial Day weekend of 2004 we took a two-day/one-night, 346 mile, road-trip to Winslow, Arizona. The purpose of the road-trip was two-fold: get out of town for a weekend; and, get a picture of the brick located in the Standin' on the Corner Park along Route 66 in historic downtown Winslow. {the mural} {the park} {the brick}

If I am going to sleep in Winslow, then that means a stay at the La Posada Hotel located along Route 66 and the historic Wagon Road. The La Posada has an inviting entrance and once inside there is all kinds of cool stuff to enjoy. The court yard offers a scenic spot to relax. The back yard of the LaPosada has a big tree and a walkway to Winslow's Amtrak Station. The old station may be empty these days, but that doesn't mean there aren't any trains using the rails. Thanks to April showers the La Posada had lots of flowers.

More...   { La Posada pictures} {train pictures} {flower pictures}

Although this trip was primarily about the brick and staying at the La Posada Hotel, there is other stuff to see in downtown Winslow. For example, across the street south of the Standin' on the Corner park is another corner that is next to the newly re-opened Winslow Theater. Across Route 66 from the La Posada is the Highway Diner that never seems to be open. Winslow also has a Rail Road Park that has a cool rail road mural. Next to the park is the Great Seal of the State of Arizona. Heck, you can even get a tattoo in Winslow if you want to.

We drove to/from Winslow using AZ Hwy-87. On the way home we took a handful of pictures.

{ high desert near Winslow} { Coconino National Forest} { rim country ... rim country}

The drive between Tempe and Winslow is almost all scenic route. The road is four lane from the Valley of the Sun to Payson, then AZ Hwy-87 is a curvey two-lane road that goes through the towns of Pine and Strawberry. The drive does have its ups and downs; Tempe's elevation is around 1,000 feet and you drive up to 7,450 feet before dropping to roughly 5,000 feet at Winslow.

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Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 01 Jun 2004