Silly Mountain and Superstitions (from a distance)

TempeHiker drove to Silly Mountain for a hike to the top.

Silly Mountain is south of the Superstitions. The peak of Silly Mnt. has a trail and offers views of the Superstitions.

We drove Goldfield Road to Lost Dutchman Road. We stopped for a Superstitions view when a litter alert was discovered. There was litter here and litter there. did a two-bag litter patrol. Lots of litter was left for somebody else to pick-up.

The road was closed and the porta potty was not standing-up.

We hit the Apache Trail and heade a couple of miles east into the Tonto National Forest.

We returned to Tempe via Apache Junction. Bye, bye Superstitions.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 25 February 2007