SCC's Artie Artichoke at Parada del Sol (2007)

[update::2016.02.10] Scottsdale Community College is going to be in the 2016 Parada del Sol parade. Kudos to SCC.

TempeHiker visited Scottsdale in order to get a picture of Scottsdale Community College's new Artie Artichoke mascot. Artie was walking in the 54th Annual Parada del Sol parade.

TempeHiker works at Scottsdale Community College and luckily for him he got invited to walk with Artie in the parade. It was a honor. TempeHiker extends a huge Thank You to Michelle for letting him walk in the parade.

TempeHiker parked at Eldorado Park. It is a nice park with a duck filled pond.

water fowl: #0 ... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4

The parade line on Oak Street was festive. There were teenage Republicans from Saguaro High School, dancers and dogs.

The Scottsdale Community College spot in the line was easy to find. Artie made friends with some nearby cowboys. Luckily they did not pull the trigger on the new Artie.

Walking in the Parada del Sol was great fun. Here a horse ... there a horse ... everywhere a horse.

Kudos to the clean-up crews and their backup team.

TempeHiker is always on the lookout for math for his MathBabbler sibbling. The Pi Kappa Phi banner contains two mathematical constants: Pi (~3.14) and the golden ratio Phi (~1.618). (TempeHiker did not look for math in the high-tech porta potty.)

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 25 February 2007