Farmer John's Meat Packing Building is One Huge Mural

Farmers John's Meat Packing plant located at 222 S. 9th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona, is no longer open for business. The building is not located in the best part of town, but that doesn't take away the fact the entire building is one huge mural.

The following was copied from the web.

   [source:, 1996]
   "Mentioned in the book Twentieth Century Folk Art Of The Americas, 
    Australian-born artist Leslie Grimes arrived in California in 1928, 
    where he worked as a scenery painter at the Fox and Charlie Chaplin 
    studios. The former wrestler painted under contract from the Clougherty 
    Meat Packing Company in the 1960s, on their plants in L.A., Fresno, 
    Phoenix and Tucson, thus explaining the wall of Farmer John's Meats, 
    West Grant Road east of I-10, where the cows came home many moons ago. 
    Most of the paint was laid on with rollers and huge brushes, and if 
    you look at the walls just inside the plant entrance you'll notice 
    that although the scenery continues, there is a conspicuous absence 
    of cows."

There are no cows on the building in Phoenix.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 30 Sep 2006