Phoenix 911 Memorial at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza

The 911 Memorial at the Phoenix Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza has been controversial. TempeHiker visited the 911 Memorial on 9/29/2006. TempeHiker thought the memorial, which includes an object from the 911 site, paled when compared to the Veterans Memorial or the Confederate Memorial or the Vietnam Memorial.

The 911 Memorial contains a bunch of phrases that are not particularly easy to read unless the sunlight is just right. In addition, in order to easily read the memorial, you must step up on a high step. It is only a matter of time before somebody falls and gets hurt.

Some of the phrases at the 911 Memorial have been considered inappropriate. TempeHiker personally didn't find anything offensive, but he did photograph the following.

The 911 Memorial has a simple design and it will be interesting to see what Phoenix does with it after the November 2006 elections. There is some talk about tearing it down.

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza is a Phoenix Point of Pride and it is located just east of the old Arizona Capitol building.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 30 September 2006