"Sculptures in the Streets" of Mesa, Arizona

Walking downtown Mesa is a treat given the outstanding sculptures that line both sides of Main Street. Mesa's "Sculptures in the Streets" program should be the envy of many downtowns that are void of artistic creations.

TempeHiker particularly liked the Reflection sculpture (plaque). Be careful touching this artwork when it is hot outside.

The Sonance sculpture (plaque) was fun because you can whack the beel and hear a soothing sound. (11 second movie [3.6MB])

It was strange to encounter a frog sculpture so a second picture was taken.

The newspaper boy on a bike {another view} {headline} reminded TempeHiker when he was a newspaper boy.

The following are pictures to the other sculptures located in downtown Mesa. Note: TempeHiker has plans to return to Mesa and take pictures of the plaques for each sculpture.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 13 July 2005