Downtown Mesa, Arizona

TempeHiker left Tempe heading east on Apache Boulevard across the canal into Mesa. [Note: At the Mesa border, Apache becomes Main Street.] TempeHiker has ventured into Mesa to take pictures of the city's reconstruction and beautification of Main Street.

Downtown Mesa has numerous free parking lots and we parked in one located just south of Main Street. A huge shark mural and an Alice in wonderland mural were found on the back of the old Stapley building ( plaque).

It is tough to get loss in Mesa because there is a city map on every street corner.

You can visit downtown Mesa during the summer because the tree-lined Main Street provides shaded sidewalks Despite the shade, don't expect to find many checker players.

Mesa has numerous old buildings.

The Macdonald building is looking for tenants and US Bank is moving in to compete against Mesa Bank, which is located down the street. The Macdonald building and Town Center Clock ( another time) are located on the northeast corner of Main Street and Macdonald Avenue.

On Main Street between Center Street and Pioneer Park on the north side and Arizona Temple on the south side is a Brown and Brown dealership. {north side} {south side}

The only other mural we found in downtown Meas was on the back of the Milanos Music building.

Downtown Mesa is awash with "Sculptures in the Streets."

Just a couple of blocks east of downtown Mesa is Pioneer Park and the Arizona Temple.

Some interesting stuff can be found a few blocks south of downtown Mesa along the railroad tracks.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 12 July 2005