Tempe to Coolidge Dam to Tempe
270 miles; 8:00am to 4:30pm; 15 June 2004

I left Tempe at 8:00am heading east on US Hwy-60. US Hwy-60 in the eastern part of the Valley of the Sun is a littery expressway that goes through Mesa, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon. It switches from an expressway to a four-lane highway just east of Apache Junction and it is at this point that I become happy to be on the road again. {bye, bye Phoenix}

Sadly, the first real picture of the roadtrip is of some road kill that I encountered. While out of the car I took a scenic view picture.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park is the first stop. I have probably driven past this park a dozen times, but this time I stopped and it was great. I took lots of Boyce Thompson pictures.

Three miles east of Boyce Thompson is Superior. I have been to Superior many times and this was just a quick drive through to see what, if anything, was new. I got a picture of an old mural and a newer mural. I observed that the video store on the corner of Main and Magma has closed up and the Magma Hotel was still out-of-business. The street light at Main and Magma was switched to a four-way stop.

East of Superior is Miami. I did a quick drive through downtown past numerous antique shops.

East of Miami is Globe. I've been to Globe numerous times, but never took any pictures; this visit was different. A mural is used to welcome visitors to Globe. The old downtown is lined with old buildings. {old building ... old building} The street does have a couple of murals. {mural ... mural} One mural is devoted to former Arizona governors George Hunt and Rose Mofford. A city park had an old train { another view}.

The Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park is located on the edge of Globe. [Next to the park is a farm having miniature horses.] I took a handful of Besh-Ba-Gowah pictures.

At Globe we switch from US Hwy-60 to US Hwy-70 and head east into the San Carlos Indian Reservation. Turn south onto Indian Hwy-3 and drive to San Carlos Lake {another view}. [I found it humorous to find a Do Not Litter sign surrounded by litter.] Coolidge Dam is 13 miles from US Hwy-70. I was the only person at the dam and had the road all to myself. The dam was damn scenic. I continued Indian Hwy-3 another 28 miles back to US Hwy-70 (which is also called the Old West Highway).

The drive west on US Hwy-70 back to Globe was full of scenic views. [Sadly, it seems litter is encountered every time you stop to enjoy Mother Nature. At this particular stop I couldn't take it anymore and did a quick litter pickup.]

At Globe switch from US Hwy-70 back to US Hwy-60. While driving through the mining country of Globe/Miami, I was passed by a small convoy of old cars.

The drive on US Hwy-60 between Globe and Superior offers many picture taking opportunities. I stopped to get a bridge picture and while stopped I took pictures of the bridge's plaque, US Hwy-60, and a few scenic views.

Before reaching Superior I stopped to get a picture of an unused old bridge. While on foot I ventured beyond the bridge and ended up taking a bunch of pictures. Upon returning to the car I took a picture of myself thinking I was done taking pictures, but I was wrong because just east of Superior is Queen Creek Tunnel. I've taken numerous pictures of the tunnel and the surrounding area, but I couldn't resist taking more pictures of scenic views. I returned to the car, drove through the tunnel and headed into Superior. I made one last quick stop to get another picture of the Superior caboose and an American flag.

I left Tempe at 8:00am and returned home around 4:30pm. It was a 270 mile one-day roadtrip.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 16 Jun 2004