Tempe to Arizona City to Tempe
108 miles; 3 hours

We were studying a map and noticed that Arizona City was probably a hour away (55 miles one-way almost all I-10). We had never been to Arizona City so we hit the road inspite of the fact that I dislike driving I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson (too much fast truck traffic).

Our escape from the Valley of the Sun to the south is easy; take Loop 101 south to Loop 202 west to I-10 east. Although it is I-10 East, we will be driving mostly south with a slight eastern drift toward Tucson. [There was backup at the Loop 202/I-10 transition ramp because of rock landscaping.]

About 31 miles into the roadtrip was the Sacaton rest area. [zoomed]

At about mile 52 we hit Arizona City. I'm not sure there will ever be a need for us to return to Arizona City. The town appears like it is becoming an "suburb" of Casa Grande, which is only a few miles north. Arizona City is geographically located near the junctions of I-8 and I-10. [ maps.yahoo.com]

Arizona City doesn't have a welcome sign and I struggled to find picture taking opportunities. While driving into town, we found a Littering Unlawful sign. [The number one form of litter is cigarette butts and I liked this cigarette butt boot.]

The town had a train store that had a couple of old Grande cabooses.

Arizona City is experiencing growth... granted it is not a Wal-Mart, but the Arizona City $1.00 Store had just opened for business.

Upon leaving town via I-10 west I spotted a Mace Truck Wash. [I am a tiny shareholder of Mace Security International.]

While driving I-10 back to Tempe, we exited the interstate and went east about a mile to get some scenic views along AZ Hwy-387.

A couple miles further up I-10 was another rest area. [ scenic view]

A traffic jam was encountered about 15 miles outside the Valley of the Sun.

The three hour roadtrip from Tempe to Arizona City to Tempe was 108 miles long. Arizona City needs to put up a "Welcome to Arizona City" sign.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [roadhacker@gmail.com]
Created: 26 Feb 2005