ATF Fall 2005 Meeting and the DARPA Grand Challenge

RoadHacker had to go to Mohave Community College to attend the Fall 2005 Articulation Task Force meeting. The meeting was held on the morning of Friday, 7 October 2005. After the meeting, RoadHacker drove to Primm, Nevada, to attend the DARPA Grand Challenge.

The 918 mile roadtrip lasted four days and three nights. The roadtrip documentation has been split into a collection of slideshows.

Day 1: Tempe to Kingman
Drive the Joshua Forest Parkway (i.e. US Hwy-93) from Wickenburg to I-40. Stops include a visit to Nothing, Burro Creek Camp, and Wikieup.

Day 2 (part I): Kingman, AZ, to Primm, NV
Morning and early afternoon of day 2: Hike the White Cliffs Wagon Trail Park. Wander dowtown Kingman (old buildings, murals, and Route 66 stuff). Attend ATF Meeting at Mohave Community College in Kingman. Drive Route 66 from Kingman to Oatman. Joshua trees near the Mojave National Preserve.

Day 2 (part II) and Day 3 (part I): DARPA Grand Challenge
Late afternoon of day 2: attend the DARPA Grand Challenge Kickoff BBQ in Primm, Nevada. Morning of day3: attend the DARPA Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is a race between autonomous (i.e. robotic) vehicles. By 2015, one-third of all military vehicles must be autonomous. DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Internet was born in large part thanks to DARPA.

Day 3 (part II): Mojave National Preserve
Afternoon of day 3: Visit the town of Cima. Drive Cima Road through the Mojave National Preserve to I-15. Joshua trees. Baker, California: world's tallest thermometer, Alien Fresh Jerky, Bun Boy Motel, and Mad Greek restaurant.

Day 4: Mojave National Preserve, Route 66, and Rice, California
Drive Kelbaker road through the Mojave National Preserve. Kelso Depot. Hike Kelso Dunes. Route 66. Amboy, CA. Rice, CA. and the Tamarisk Shoe Tree.

RoadHacker wants to extend a huge Thank You to for making the DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 an extra special event for me.

Roadtripper: Gerald D. Thurman (a.k.a. RoadHacker) []
Created: 12 Oct 2005