RoadHacker::Arizona::Flagstaff and Winslow, April, 2003

RoadHacker is at Coconino Community College for a meeting. The main campus of Coconino Community College is located in Flagstaff.

We drove non-stop to Flagstaff using I-17 early in the morning and arrived in Flagstaff in time for RoadHacker's meeting.

After the meeting we had a beer at the Beaver Street Brewery. We discovered this mural { more mural} while wandering Flagstaff. We spent the night at the Hotel Monte Vista.

The next day we drove I-40 east to Winslow. Along the way we visited Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Between Walnut Canyon and Winslow is Meteor Crater.

At Winslow, we stayed at the La Posada.

This train station (outside view} is next to the La Posada.

It is fun to watch trains go bye the La Posada.

The remaining pictures were taken while driving home to Tempe on AZ Hwy-87.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: Spring of 2003