Road Trip::Artichoke Festival::May 2002

This trip is done. Here is the final trip report
This is a four day/three night road trip. It may become a five day/four night adventure, but that remains to be seen.

Destination is the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, California.

Day 1

Leave Tempe, AZ, early Friday AM heading west on I-10 150 miles to Blythe, CA. Continue west on I-10 another 50 miles to Desert Center.

Head north on CA Hwy-177 for 30 miles and then head west on CA Hwy-62 for 30 miles. Take un-marked road north 40 miles to Amboy. Go west on Route 66 30 miles to Ludlow and catch I-40 west. Barstow is 50 miles.

Leave Barstow west on CA Hwy-85. Bakersfield is 140 miles.

520 Miles
Day Two

Leave Bakersfield, CA north on CA Hwy-99 for 20 miles. Go west on CA Hwy-46. Cross I-5. Drive through spot where James Dean crashed his porsche. Hit Paso Robles in about 90 miles. Continue west 35 miles on Hwy-46 Hwy-1. Head north up along the coast 80 miles to Big Sur. Continue Hwy-1 30 miles to HWY-68 and go east 20 miles to Salinas, CA.

270 Miles
Day Three

Drive 20 miles from Salinas to the Artichoke Festival.

Drive 30 miles from Salinas to Gilroy. Gilroy to Holister via Hwy-152 and Hwy-56 is 20 miles. Gilroy is home of the Onion Festival and was recently hit by an earthquake.

70 Miles
Day Four

Leave Holister on Hwy-25 south and take it 90 miles to I-5. About 30 miles is Pinnacles National Monument. It is a hiking area; therefore, this stop is made to see if a return visit is warranted. Further south, Hwy-25 goes along the western and southern edges of an Abestos Hazard area.

Head south on I-5 80 miles to Gorman, CA. Go east on Hwy-138 40 miles and then take Hwy-138 south for 15 miles to Palmdale. Continue Hwy-138 east 20 miles and then switch to Hwy-18 east for 25 miles to I-15. Go north on I-15 for 5 miles and return to Hwy-18 east. Hwy-18 turns into Hwy-247. After about 55 miles is Hwy-62. Go west two miles and visit the town of Yucca Valley. [I have to go to Yucca Valley, CA because the next road trip is to Yucca Mountain, NV.] Go east on Hwy-62 25 miles to Twentynine Palms. Continue east 80 miles on Hwy-62 and to Rice. 40 more miles and you are in Parker AZ. Parker to Tempe is around 180 miles.

567 miles

Potential modification: Spend the night in Twentynine Palms and add a day to the road trip. Drive 267 miles on Day 4 and 300 miles on Day 5.

Total Miles: 1425

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 16 May 2002