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External Hyperlinks (Resources)

PurpleMath.com:: Practical Algebra Lessons
[MAT082 students see "Preliminary Topics" section]

KhanAcademy.org::Arithmetic | Algebra

WolframAlpha.com::Computational Knowledge Engine

AlgebraHelp.com:: Calculators, Lessons, Worksheets

MathBits.com:: Live Long and Love Math | TI-83 Calculator

Ed.gov:: Create A Graph

UNC.edu:: Names for Large Numbers  |  Units of Measurement

MathWords.com:: Interactive Math Dictionary

WebMath.com:: Solve Your Math Problem

GrammarBook.com:: Writing Numbers

Wolfram.com:: Arithmetic from MathWorld

Math.com:: Pre-Algebra  |  Algebra  |  Study Tips  |  Glossary

ScienceMadeSimple.com:: US customary & metric converter for unit measurements

IncompetTech.com:: Free Online Graph Paper--Simple Grid

MathForum.org:: Ask Dr. Math

Wikipedia.org:: Arithmetic  |  List of numbers

Furman.edu:: Mathematical Quotation Server

St-And.ac.uk:: MacTutor History of Mathematics  |  Quotations

FunBrain.com:: Change Maker

MathMLCentral.com:: A Wolfram Web Resource

W3.org:: Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)

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