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The Internet is loaded with Y2K information and the links provided on this webpage are to what I consider to be some of the better (or at least more interesting) Y2K related websites.  Caution:  You click these links at your own risk. [disclaimer]

Current Items of Interest

[new] PBS Millennium 2000 In the early morning hours of December 31, 1999, PBS embarked on a 25-hour non-stop salute to the new millennium. With over 55 broadcast partner countries, PBS Millennium 2000 (M2K) brings you live festivities from around the world -- as the hour strikes midnight and the new era begins. PBS Millennium 2000 [31 Dec 1999, top]
Are Internet Cookies Y2K-Compliant? The Netscape cookies specification states that the expires field of the cookie string is formatted as:
     Wdy, DD-Mon-YY HH:MM:SS GMT
A 2 digit year! In a specification from circa 1994-95!! More seriously, how many web applications will stop working around the year 2000 because of differing interpretations of what YY means? [Posting to comp.risks Usenet newsgroup.] [26 Dec 1999, top]
Government Mission-Critical Systems 99.9% Ready Here is a quote from a report given by this country's President Mr. Bill Clinton:
With the end of the year in sight, I am pleased to release OMB's final quarterly report that shows that the Federal government is ready for the year 2000. As of today, 99.9 per cent of the government's mission critical computer systems are Y2K compliant. They have been fixed, tested and certified as ready for operation on January 1, 2000. We have met the challenge of making sure that the federal government can continue to serve the American people as we enter the next century.

Smart report: 99.9% leaves them a big bailout percentage. When it comes to computers, you should purge 100% from you vocabulary.

[18 Dec 1999, top]
Mesa, AZ Worried About 911 Overload The city of Mesa, AZ, is worried that its 911 system could become clogged when we roll into year 2000. "Unless it's an emergency, don't pick up that phone." As a backup, Mesa is going to have walk-in help centers at city high schools and fire stations. The city recommends people do the following: stockpile three to seven days of food and water, put gas in the car, and keep medication on hand. [11 Dec 1999, top]
Fiesta Bowl Parade Bands Won't Fly on Y2K Fears of flying during Y2K caused three out-of-state high school bands to pull out of the Fiesta Bowl Parade. The schools were from CA, NY, and midwest. Good news: the bands were replaced by local high school bands from Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale.

Amazingly, the following quote was made by a Phoenix Sky Harbor International spokesperson: "Wow, they have absolutely no reason to be concerned. We don't expect anything at all."

[04 Dec 1999, top]
Y2K Bill Tops $100 Billion The Commerce Department issued a report saying the Y2K defect has cost the country over $100 billion, making it, the Washington Post reported, "the most expensive peacetime catastrophe in modern history." Average cost per U.S. citizen: $365. News articles from Mercury News and the Washington Post. [26 Nov 1999, top]
White House Readies Y2K Center Yahoo! News reports that the White House has a $40 million operations center designed to track how the world fares as it enters year 2000. The center will launch 24-hour operations on 28 Dec 1999 continuing through the first few days of the new year or longer if conditions warrant. [ More...] [Link provided by Marc Garnice, 20 Nov 1999, top]
Y2K Tests, Upgrades Cause Their Own Chaos The efforts to prepare for Y2K are creating problems of their own as organizations rush to complete testing and repairs, making careless errors in the process. Examples:
  • Van Nuys, CA: A treatment plant in June released over a million gallons of raw sewage into a park and a residential area by mistakenly shutting off a crucial pipe while testing a Y2K backup power system. Although alarms went off at the plant, operators ignored the signal, which they believed was due to the Y2K testing.
  • London Electricity failed to provide power to 2,000 customers as a result of a Y2K upgrade in July. Many of those customers were without power for a week.

Can we expect to see more of these type of events over the next six weeks? Testing procedures are difficult to design and implement correctly. In effect, you must test your test plans.

[Wall Street Journal, 13 Nov 1999, top]
Coming This Month... Y2K (the Movie) On Sunday, 21 Nov, at 9:00 PM ET, NBC is going to air a movie titled Y2K. This promises to be an action-packed "Towering Inferno" type of of movie. Some of the Y2K-related calamities include:
  • power failures sweep the Eastern Seaboard
  • commercial jet instruments fail
  • a nuclear power plant "teeters" on the brink of a meltdown
  • ATMs won't give out any cash

Could this movie end up being a TV equivalent of The War of the Worlds?

[06 Nov 1999, top]
Are Prison Computer Systems Y2K-Compliant? We have mentioned this before, but there is concern among a few people about whether or not our prison computer systems are Y2K-compliant. If they aren't, then prisoners may have easy access to freedom. Another concern is that prison guards will be too afraid to show up for work; therefore, leaving the prisons with limited security. If you insist on more, then read Gun Sales Boom Over Y2K Fears from ZDNet News or better yet visit www.y2kchaos.com. [ZDNet News, 29 Oct 1999, top]
CIA Says Y2K May Disrupt Global Supply Chains Many of today's computer manufactures rely on "just-in-time" inventory management (thanks to the Japanese back in the 80's). This could end up being a problem given the Y2K defect. A recent Computer World indicates the following:
"The lack of Y2K preparations at many small to medium-sized businesses located overseas may lead to supply-chain problems for larger enterprises, especially those dependent on "just-in-time" distribution, a Central Intelligence Agency official testified at a recent congressional hearing."
[ More...] [Computer World, 21 Oct 1999, top]
As Harry Caray would shout: HOLY COW! Rome has created a state-of-the-art control room on ensure everything runs smoothly when millions of pilgrims flock to the city for the Roman Catholic Church's Holy Year in 2000. (They are expecting five times the normal number of visitors.) Vatican, police, medical, defense, transport, and telecoms officials will work together in a special structure equipped with closed-circuit television screens and computers linked to the city's telecoms, security, and energy centers. [More...] [Wired News, 15 Oct 1999, top]
Maine's Y2K Glitch Cranks Up 'Horseless Carriage' Car Titles The state government got its first Y2K surprise months early when owners of 2000 model cars and trucks received titles identifying their new vehicles as "horseless carriages." [ More...] [Washington Post, 13 Oct 1999, top]
The Bug Stops Here -- DeJager's Y2K Cartoon Book Peter DeJager -- whom many consider the leading authority on the Y2K problem -- has published a book called The Bug Stops Here which is a collection of Y2K related cartoons [this is not a book recommendation -- just information]. Here is an example cartoon. DeJager's website is located at www.year2000.com.

[Side-bar] Here is a Y2K joke supplied by Jason Inman.

[08 Oct 1999, top]
Want to Place a Bet on Y2K Events? Believe it or not, bookmakers are taking bets on the occurrence of Y2K events. The following table gives you some of the current odds.

For more of this junk, go to Wired News.
20-1 major utility company shutdown for more than 48 hours
30-1 DJIA drops 200+ points on 1st day of trading in 2000
300-1 commercial airliner crashes
1000-1 Federal Reserve shutdown for more than 24 hours
1000-1 second coming of Christ
1,000,000-1 world ends (how do we collect?)

[01 Oct 1999, top]
Ed Yourdon's Open Letter to Alan Greenspan Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) -- whose words can cause stock markets to react violently -- recently spoke about the upcoming Century Date Change (i.e. Y2K problem). Luckily for us, Ed Yourdon has AGAIN spoken up on our behalf and has sent an open letter to Greenspan. Here is a snippet from Yourdon's letter:
Greenspan: There is nothing exactly like the Century Date Change in our historical annals from which we can infer its potential consequences.

Yourdon: Thank you for expressing the lack of certainty that prevents any of us -- no matter how experienced, how senior, how brilliant, how eloquent, how passionate -- from making absolute statements about the outcome of Y2K.

Please take time to read Ed Yourdon's Open Letter to Alan Greenspan.

[24 Sep 1999, top]
Information Warfare: Outsourcing Y2K Programming to Foreigners   SANS Institute Resources has posted an article to their website that discusses the risks associated with having foreigners working on the Y2K problem. Allowing outsiders access to the code provides them an opportunity to plant "time bombs" in the programs that can go off at any time. [Information Warfare]. I suggest you read the article Assessing Risks Levels in Foreign Outsourcing [17 Sep 1999, top]
U.S. Prepares for Y2K Violence   On 31 Aug 1999 MSNBC reported the following:
The U.S. government is preparing for possible violence from cults, guerrillas, hate groups, and end-of-world-fearing zealots as year 2000 approaches. Law enforcement officials are working on contingency plans to cope with everything from cyber attacks to bombs at New Year's Eve parties, though they say they lack knowledge of specific, credible threats. [Go to MSNBC article: U.S. Prepares for Y2K Violence.]
[10 Sep 1999, top]
Y2K is Really "Yes To Kia"   This week is simply a comment from Thurman (I call these ThurmFoos). Have you seen the Kia commericals on TV? Y2K really means "Yes Two Kia." News to me. They "dummy" down the real Y2K issue. Kia basically has the guts to tell you that Y2K is nothing to worry about. When did they become such an "all-knowing" entity? Y2K may amount to nothing, but Kia doesn't know that. [03 Sep 1999, top]
Not YACC, but YAY2KW (Yet Another Y2K Website)   Y2K Cities At Risk From the the Year 2000 Crisis contains the following blurb on its homepage:
How many days could New York City survive without water and sewer services? How long would it take to evacuate eight million people in the dead of winter? Would thousands die in the process? Tens of thousands? More? When would the rioting and looting begin? How many National Guard troops would it take to control the largest city in the nation? What unthinkable devastation would be wrought on the global financial system? How might our enemies seize on the ensuing panic and confusion?

Are these the crazed speculations of a Y2K alarmist? Not if you know what the US Navy and Marine Corps know. According to a June 1999 report titled, "Master Utility List," they believe "total failure is likely" for New York City's water and sewer systems because of Y2K problems.

And they're holding this information back.

My response: Yuck! Definitely something I would rather not think about. Remember Ed Yourdon who moved his family from NYC to Taos, NM? Remember the sewage spill in Van Nuys, CA that was caused due to Y2K testing? [27 Aug 1999, top]
Why is There a Y2K Digest?  The Y2K Digest is a collection of links and news items related to the Year 2000 Problem. The digest is updated every weekend. This document should be used as a reference; it is nothing more than that. The following blurb summarizes my motivation for providing the Y2K Digest:
Nobody - and I do mean nobody - knows definitively what the ramifications of Y2K will be. The Y2K Digest provides information so that each us, individually, can decide what we need to do in anticipation of Y2K. The goal of this digest is to get readers to become Y2K-aware and to take the time to formulate an action plan, if any. Y2K may end up being a major problem, or it may end up being a non-event. Become Y2K literate and decide what steps, if any, you need to take.
[20 Aug 1999, top]
01 July 1999 -- A Problem Date That Hasn't Been a Problem  Forty-six states, several local governments, and numerous companies switched over to fiscal year 2000 on 01 July 1999, and so far I have not received any reports of any computer glitches. Does this mean Y2K will not be problem? I doubt it, but it may imply that Y2K will not cause the world to stop spinning. It must be noted that there could still be problems related to this transition, but they just haven't manifested themselves yet.

There is another interesting computer date on the horizon: 09 Sep 1999. When stored using four digits this date is 9999. In some older programs and computers, 9999 is a "sentinel value" that is used to cause special behavior (e.g. shutdown a program or computer, stop reading a file, indicate the end of input, represent an un-initialized field, and so forth). [13 Aug 1999, top]

President's Council on Y2K Conversion Releases 3rd Quarter Report  In a nutshell: Electric Power, Telecommunications, Financial Institutions, and Air Travel are in good shape, but concerns about local Y2K efforts persist (i.e. Local Governments, Health Care, Education, and Small Businesses). Press release dated 05 Aug 1999: Y2K Council Issues Third Quarterly Report on Nation's Readiness for the Year 2000 Date Change. [06 Aug 1999, top]
Gilligan and Y2K?  If you know the tune to the "Gilligan's Island" theme song, then here are some interesting Y2K lyrics for you to sing. [31 Jul 1999, top]
Office Depo to Warn Customers About Potential Y2K Problems  On 24 June 1999, the Associated Press reported that Office Depot will post signs in its computer aisles, customer services desks, and cash registers to warn consumers that its computers may not be Y2K compliant. Although consumers often believe that the Y2K bug will only affect older products and large corporate networks, Office Depot will warn them that their hardware or software may be susceptible to Y2K, no matter how new it is. This decision is the result of a lawsuit filed against Office Depot, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics, the Good Guys, CompUSA, Staples, and OfficeMax by California swim coach Tom Johnson. Johnson, frustrated that store clerks could not provide Y2K information about their products, contended that the stores had violated California's Unfair Competition Law. The lawsuit is the first to target retailers. [Associated Press, 26 Jul 1999, top]
Beware the Millennuium Bug Repair  The following was reported during the 16 July 1999 edition of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. To me, it reads like science fiction.
Many companies have hired outside consultants/contractors to work on their Y2K problems. Many of these outsiders have unlimited access to Corporate computers allowing them to become "intimate" with the systems. Consequently, these outsiders are able to plant hooks into these computers instructing them to steal. Remember: computers do exactly what they are told. Many of these hooks will use the Y2K event to do their thing, but other hooks can be planted that won't execute until some future date and time, or they will run randomly redirecting small amounts each time.
Bottom line: American business could lose up to $1 billion due to computer fraud. Beware the Millennuium Bug Repair from NBC Nightly News. [NBC Nightly News, 10 Jul 1999, top]
Begin Your Y2K Food Preparations Now  The 07 July 1999 "Food Section" of the Arizona Republic was about preparing for Y2K from a food perspective. The material was conservatively presented with numerous refrences to what the American Red Cross is saying about Y2K. One of articles introduced a computer programmer who has started the Y2K Kitchen. [AZ Republic, 10 Jul 1999, top]
Deal Reached on Bill to Limit Y2K Liability  The White House and Congress reached a compromise on legislation that would limit lawsuits arising from Y2K-related problems. Advocates of the legislation argued that high-tech companies could face financial devastation without legal limitations. Yet opponents felt that the bill's restrictions would limit consumer rights to recover their losses, and could potentially prevent general product liability cases, further violating consumer rights. According to congressional aides, the compromise bill would develop a "proportionate liability" formula to determine blame, so that companies would only be held responsible for their share of the damage. The formula would consolidate individual complaints even if one of the defendants went bankrupt. [ Article from Wired News] [EDUCASE, Washington Post, 05 Jul 1999, top]
Cisco, Dell, Motorola, Solectron, Sun form the High Tech Consortium  (HTC) an organization created to reduce the impact of Y2K issues in the high-tech industry. The consortium wants to share Y2K information and resources and hopefully reduce the impact of the bug on the high-tech industry. HTC will track the Y2K compliance of major suppliers and service providers. Because the industry consists of a tangled network of suppliers and distributors, it is nearly impossible for individual companies to assess the Y2K readiness of their entire production lines. HTC will allow companies to compile their information, simplifying the assessment process and provide this information to interested entities. [ Article from Yahoo! Business] [26 Jun 1999, top]
Y2K Test Causes Huge Sewage Spill  of 4 million gallons into a Van Nuys, CA park. This is definitely a stinky situation. [ Article from CBS 2 News] [17 Jun 1999, top]
Yourdon's Farewell to Y2K   Ed Yourdon is saying goodbye to Y2K. He says: Y2K has been part of my life since early 1995 and has occupied nearly every waking moment since the summer of 1997 -- and while it will continue to have a significant impact on my personal and family life, I no longer plan to play a public role." You will have to read his article to learn more.

[Side-bar] Yourdon's timing is interesting because I am considering discontinuing the Y2K Digest. The purpose of the digest is to provide information about Y2K so that we can decide for ourselves how to prepare for Y2K. The webpage contains lots of information; I don't think adding more is of much value. To date, I've posted entries to the digest on a weekly basis; however, from now on these posting will be less frequent and more random. [05 Jun 1999, top]

Ed Yourdon's May 25,1999 Testimony Before the Senate Y2K Committee  Ed Yourdon pleads the government to help ensure that us Americans get the information we need in order to decide for ourselves what we need to do to prepare for Y2K. For some us, we won't need to anything, but others of us will have to do lots to get ready. The only way we can make an informed decision is if we are presented with timely, factual information. I recommend you read Yourdon's Testimony and be sure you get the information you need to make your Y2K-related decisions. [29 May 1999, top]
What's More Important? Limiting Y2K Lawsuits or Gun Control  This AM (20-May-99) there was news about another high school shooting (this one was in Atlanta, 6 injured, but nobody killed). Congress is busy trying to pass legislation that will limit Y2K related lawsuits, but they are going to table this busy work to concentrate on some gun control laws. This makes a lot of sense to me. Screw Y2K -- let's do something about the availability of killer weapons. Wired News article. [20 May 1999, top]
It's Hard to Believe Some of the Things People Say About Y2K  www.duh-2000.com is a website devoted to collecting the stupidest things said about the Year 2000 problem. It is amazing some of things people say. [08 May 1999, top]
New Y2K Book That May be Worth Reading 
Here is an email I received about Michael Hyatt's new book:
My first book, The Millennium Bug, was about Y2K awareness. It stayed on the NEW YORK TIMES "Business Best Sellers List" for seven months. I wrote it to convince ordinary consumers -- non-programmers -- that Y2K was a real problem and one that threatened our modern way of life. Since it's release in May of 1998, the #1 question people asked was: "Okay, I'm convinced. What do I need to do to start preparing?"

I wrote The Y2K Personal Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get From This Side of the Crisis to the Other to answer that important question. I didn't write it for survivalists or emergency preparedness enthusiasts, but for people like me. People who don't even like to camp!

I don't believe that Y2K is the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Neither do I believe that it will be the equivalent of a three-day winter storm. My best guess is that it will be somewhere in the middle.

Here is the table of contents.

[30 Apr 1999, top]
Professor Wants Y2K Jokes Banned On the Net  Insisting that "there's nothing funny about things that aren't funny," Professor Wiley T. Langweile of the Palo Alto (CA.)-based Institute of Internet Reevaluation has written a searing letter to the New York Times (1 Apr 99) protesting that the American media are so bored with the Year 2000 problem that they're mentioning it only once in every 94.5 sentences (by the professor's own hand-count). "Journalists are just not giving enough publicity to this impending crisis. They're either ignoring the problem entirely or making fun of it. Either way, they're acting unconscionably. Y2K irreverence needs to be banned, especially on the Internet." Dr. Langweile further charged in his letter that most reporters fail to include in their stories a detailed explanation of just what exactly the Y2K problem actually is and what it means to everyday people. "The low level of media competence on this issue is just tragic." [24 Apr 1999, top]
"Y2K Culture" is My New Favorite Y2K Website  Declan McCullah's Y2K Culture is becoming my favorite Y2K related website. It is located at www.y2kculture.com. I lifted the following information about Declan McCullagh from his Y2K Culture website:
Declan McCullagh is the chief Washington correspondent for Wired News and lives and works in Washington DC. McCullagh previously was a reporter for Time Digital Daily and Time Magazine, and continues to contribute to Time Magazine on a freelance basis. He also writes a technology column for UPI. An award-winning journalist, his articles have appeared in publications from Playboy magazine to the Los Angeles Times. McCullagh moderates politech, a discussion list looking broadly at politics and technology, and the the Association for Computing Machinery's Y2KRISKS forum. A former programmer and the first online reporter to join the National Press Club, McCullagh has co-hosted a weekly cybercast TV show at thesync.net. He has written the Y2K entry for Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia, a Time magazine cover story on satellite telephones, and has contributed to Time cover stories on topics such as Y2K and privacy. He has covered presidential trips. A frequent commentator on technology and politics, McCullagh has recently appeared on CNN, CNN-fn, Court TV, ABC News' Good Morning America, CNBC, CBC, CSPAN, Reuters TV, and Fox News.
I subscribe to the "politech" discussion list and can strongly recommend that you do the same. It is great! This guy is prolific at dealing out interesting tidbits about a variety of interesting topics. [16 Apr 1999, top]
New Installs Postponed for Y2K  Y2K is causing two out of ten large companies to halt installations of new systems beginning in June, while many other companies plan to partially freeze IT spending. These freezes are affecting new purchases of software and hardware, deployment of new equipment, and business for outside consultants. A Computerworld poll shows that 20 percent of companies surveyed expect to freeze all hardware, software, and services purchases during the second half of 1999. Of the 241 executives surveyed, 40 percent expected to reduce overall IT spending. Worldwide, 5 percent of companies plan a total systems freeze, according to the Gartner Group. Fifty to 60 percent of all companies worldwide plan to halt upgrades and enhancements to "a small subset of their [core] systems," says Gartner Group year 2000 research director Lou Marcoccio. [Computerworld, 09 Apr 1999, top]
Need a Place to Buy, Sell, or Trade Y2K Preparedness Merchandise? Search no more! www.Y2KClassifieds.com is the place to visit for applicances, food and storage, electricity generators, financial alternatives, home defense, gardening supplies, water supplies, livestock, real estate, portable shelters, radio equipment, and medical supplies. This website even has Y2K Personals for people seeking a Y2K-compliant mate. [AZ Republic, 04 Apr 1999, top]
Government's Medicare and Welfare Systems Need Work  The central government computer that controls Medicare and welfare payments is far behind schedule on Y2K repairs, according to a quarterly report released by the White House. The US Department of Health and Human Services has abandoned plans to replace its payment management system, which hands out US$165 billion a year in federal funds. Instead, it is scrambling to reprogram the system. See the following Wired News article for complete story. [27 Mar 1999, top]
Sanyo's Bread Cutting-Board: Is it or isn't it Y2K-compliant?  What does this mean? Sanyo no longer claims to have a Y2K-compliant cutting-board. I guess they couldn't take all the publicity they were receiving. Their claim of having a Y2K-compliant piece of plastic warranted responses from the Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, San Francisco Chronicle, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Jay Leno. [ www.y2kculture.com, 23 Mar 1999, top]
Y2K Prognosticators Cheering Up  A growing number of Y2K experts are now predicting things won't be so bad after all come 01-01-00. Edward Yardeni, chief economist for Deutsche Bank Securities, has revised his estimate for the chance of a long global recession triggered by the glitch, from a 70% chance to 45%. "I've toned down the message partly because progress has been made. I would be happy to back off entirely." And some of the problems previously cited as particularly vexing -- for instance, embedded microprocessors in power plants and hospitals that would be difficult to repair -- seem to have been overstated. [LA Times/EduPage, 15 Mar 1999, top]
Prepare for Y2K the Way You'd Prepare for a Hurricane  Senator Chris Dodd's advice for getting ready for Y2K is: "What you ought to do is prepare for a good storm, a hurricane, a storm where you'd like two or three days of water and canned goods and the like," but you shouldn't withdraw your money from banks. A study conducted by Dodd and Senator Robert Bennett has concluded that there will be no major problems with regard to the airways, nuclear weapons, or the nation's power grids. [Sidebar: Chris Dodd is vice-chairman of the Special Committee on Y2K Technology Problem.] [AP, 06-Mar-99, top]
A new Y2K image! I've added a new Y2K image to this page. The image comes from Netscape and they recommend that any website that is Y2K aware should display it. (Are we Y2K aware?) Netscape claims that this request came from the Federal Government. I'll use it for a while, but it does cause the page to take longer to download, which in turn does not make me happy, happy. [26-Feb-99, top]
In the market for a toaster?  If you are in the market for a new toaster, then it is comforting to know that Sanyo has a Y2K-compliant toaster (along with a wide array of Y2K-compliant appliances). If you have power on 01-01-2000, then you'll have toast according to your specification. [Update] Yikes... a Y2K-compliant cutting-board? [Internet Tourbus, 19-Feb-99, top]
McNealy's Y2K Comments Spooks Yardeni   Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems, was recently quoted saying that his company may not be able to produce computers in the year 2000 because their Asian component suppliers are one to three years behind in fixing there Y2K problem. McNealy's comments make Ed Yardeni nervous. Here is an article from Wired News. [13-Feb-99, top]
Peter de Jager, Y2K, and the Real Threat to Liberty   Peter de Jager is an authority (guru) on the Y2K problem. He currently thinks that the computer industry has done a good job at fixing the Y2K problem and he does not see any major clamaties happening. What does worry de Jager is the large number of nut cases out there who are predicting serious world-wide problems. He feels that the Y2K problem is not about computers, but instead is about self fullfilling prophicies. For example:  Keep predicting the sky is falling and eventually you will be right . Here is an interview with Peter de Jager conducted on 29-Jan-99. [LINKROT] The interview link is currently broken. I've contacted the website to see if the article is still online. In the mean time, you can visit de Jager's website located at www.year2000.com.

[Sidebar] Many airlines, car rental agencies, and other travel businesses have started taking computerized reservations for travel on the first day of the year 2000, and so far there are no signs of the Y2K bug. Good news has been reported by Delta, United, and other airlines. [06-Feb-99, top]

Microsoft Mail Users Surprised That a Y2K Fix is Needed.   Microsoft recently posted documents outlining the need for Microsoft Mail users to download and install service packages to keep the latest releases of that widely used messaging system free of bugs into the next century. Full story from InfoWorld. [29-Jan-99, top]
Did You Know There Was a Y0K Problem? Well, there was when the world transitioned from BC to AD. Here are the details. [Thanks to Jason Inman for this bit of humor. 22-Jan-99, top]
The Power Grid: Okay or not Okay?   A major concern of many Y2K followers is how the country's power grid will hold up. Here is some recently published good news (ComputerWorld) and bad news (WorldNetDaily).

The bad news, as reported by WorldNetDaily on 11-Jan-99, is that "the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Guard and other federal agencies engaged in Y2K planning are now expecting  loss of electrical power  and other related problems before the year 2000. Nuclear power plants will begin to shut down in July, according to government sources."

The good news, as reported by ComputerWorld on 12-Jan-99, indicates that "the North American electric industry is confident that it will solve year 2000 computer problems with  little or no disruption to electricity supplies  in the U.S. or Canada, according to the latest industry self-assessment submitted yesterday to the U.S. Department of Energy."

[19-Jan-99, top]
China: Go Fly with 'Millennium Bomb' China has given its airline bosses the ultimate incentive to solve the Y2K problem by ordering them to take a flight on New Year's Day 2000. All heads of airlines have got to be in the air on 01-Jan-2000 because China wants to make sure there are no problems in aviation. [Side bar: China has a serious Y2K problem because they use so much pirated software (some estimate more than 90% of all software used in China has been stolen).] [Financial Times, 15-Jan-99, top]
The President's Council on Year 2000 [www.y2k.gov] has announced the creation of a toll-free phone line where consumers can hear recorded messages seven days a week, 24 hours a day on how personal computers, small business, telephones and other products or services will be affected by the approaching year 2000. The toll-free line (1-888-4-Y2K) will be supported by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Information Center of the General Services Administration. [AP/AZ Republic, 08-Jan-99, top]
Millennium 'Y2Kaos': Fear of Computer Bug Fueling Far Right is an article from the SPLC. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a non-profit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. This is a scarey article (it comes from the SPLC's "klanwatch" page). [17-Dec-98, top]
Microsoft Sued Over Y2K Bug in Database Tools Software developer Ruth H. Kaczmarek has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Microsoft, alleging that the company's FoxPro and Visual FoxPro database development tools were unable to process dates properly beyond Dec. 31, 1999. The suit is believed to be one of the first against Microsoft alleging Y2K defects in its software. (Bloomberg News/Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11 Dec 98) [14-Dec-98, top]
[recommended] American Red Cross has a Y2K webpage. They give a "What you can do to be prepared" Y2K checklist. Some of the items listed: stock disaster supplies to last several days to a week (food, water, prescription drugs, etc.); fill your automobile gas tank a day or so before 12/31/99; have extra blankets, coats, hats, etc.; have plenty of flashlights and batteries... you get the idea. [08-Dec-98, top]
Y2K Info is a recently found website that offers some excellent information on Y2K. It is maintained by Datamation. [02-Dec-98, top]
USA Today Tech Report on 27-Nov-1998 reported that "the Pentagon office responsible for safety and security of U.S. nuclear stockpiles and emergency response in a nuclear incident acknowledges falsifying readiness reports on the looming Year 2000 computer problem." [27-Nov-98, top]
Federal agencies have turned in their most recent quarterly Y2K progress reports. Here is an article summarizing the report from the 24-Nov-98 issue of the Washington Post. [25-Nov-98, top]
The Y2K problem is not isolated to the good old U. S. of A. Here a couple of articles from the U. K.: United Utilities in 2000 Bug Chaos Alert from   This is London Evening Standard  and Bug Puts the Bite on World Recovery from the  Guardian-Observer. [top]
Year 2000 Problem and the Communications Industry is a speech given by Michael Powell, Commissioner Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to the Year 2000 Contingency Planning for Government Conference held on 16-Nov-98. [top]
Federal regulators say banks can't make their Year 2000 readiness ratings public. Banks and others say that secrecy is fanning consumer fears. Checkout the story @ Wired News. [top]


[recommended] Y2K Information Center is probably the best spot to get started learning about and following Y2K news. I regard this website as the Y2K homepage.
Y2K Info is a Y2K related website from "Datamation -- an EarthWeb site." They feel it is the definitive resource for Y2K information and solutions.
Time.com "Millennium" assesses at the last 1000 years and looks ahead to what the future holds (including the Y2K computer problem).
Y2K Watch presents timely Y2K updates and I suggest you subscribe to their mailing list: Get the Y2K news as it happens.
Preparing for the Year 2000 recommends that you think of the Y2K problem as an  "earthquake that will take place everywhere at once. We are certain it will happen; we are uncertain of its magnitude." . The website contains lots of information and numerous Y2K related links.
Y2K Chaos offers extensive information Y2K and on how to survive any problems it may cause.
EDU Y2K Issues are a major concern within academic institutions (including our very own Maricopa County Community College District).
Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums has an interesting and content-rich Y2K related website that predicts the end is near for many of us. Here is a blurb about Gary North.
Y2K FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Year 2000 problem.
Y2K Links at Yahoo! just in case you don't like the links I've provided.

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Open Letter to President Clinton written by Peter de Jager on 17-Nov-98. Over the past 6 years, Peter de Jager has been active in bringing the Year 2000 problem to the awareness of both the IS community and the business world at large. He is perceived by many to be the worldwide leader in creating awareness for the Year 2000 Computer Crisis.

Year 2000 Recession? is a book by Dr. Edward Yardeni (one of the world's leading economists) who predicts that the Y2K problem could cause a major recession.

[recommended] The Personal Consequences of Year 2000 -- Edward Yourdon, Jun-97 -- is an interesting article everyone should read that discusses Y2K related issues. [Yourdon has moved his family from NYC to Taos, NM -- read why.]

Watch Out, Welfare -- Newsweek, 16-Nov-98 -- the welfare system isn't Y2K-compliant soon, the nation's needy could get a rude surprise from the government: sorry, no money.

Y2K Could Affect Your Building -- CPSR, 19-Nov-97 -- all electronic devices must be checked to see if they use or are affected by chips or by another system that uses a date function. Non-Y2K-compliant devices could result in systems shutting down or malfunctioning (disarmed alarms, false alarms, doors locked/unlocked, heat off, lights out, elevators gone bonkers, and so on).

Prisoners Await Y2K Day -- Wired News, 15-Oct-98 -- indicates that prison computer systems can have problems that could allow prisoners to escape, or be let of prison before their time is up.

Y2Kaboom? -- Wired News, 12-Nov-98 -- America and Russia should shut down their nuclear arsenals rather than risk Armageddon because of K2K glitches, a military research group says in a recently released report.

Y2K SOS on 911 -- Wired News, 16-Nov-98 -- indicates that emergency communications networks, such as 911, could fail to operate come Year 2000.

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Y2K Bug -- is an animated GIF (Graphics Image Format) file that is approximately 75,000 bytes in size [it's worth a small wait].

Y2K a Sign From God?

Christian broadcast minister Jerry Falwell, who believes the end is near, sees more than a technological glitch in the year 2000 computer problem. According to his latest videotape, Y2K could well be a sign from God.

"Y2K may be God's instrument to shake this nation, to humble this nation,"  the Lynchburg, Va.-based preacher proclaims. Predicting  "a possibility of catastrophe,"  he suggests that Y2K could  "start a revival that spreads [over] the face of the Earth before the Rapture of the Church." [24-Nov-98]

Y2K to Cause a Major Recession

In an op-ed piece, Edward Yardeni, chief economist and managing director of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell says that problems arising from the Y2K computer glitch could cause a major recession, as businesses fail and government agencies become incapable of delivering basic services, including tax collection, welfare payments, national defense and air traffic control:  "The likely recession could be at least as bad as the one during 1973-74, which was caused mostly by a disruption in the supply of oil. Information, stored and manipulated by computers, is as vital as oil for running modern economies. If information is harder to obtain, markets will allocate and use resources inefficiently. Market participants will be forced to spend more time and money obtaining information that was previously available at little or no cost... Furthermore, a 2000 recession is bound to be deflationary. The U.S. may experience a $1 trillion drop in nominal GDP and a $1 trillion loss in stock market capitalization."   See Yardeni's book: Year 2000 Recession? for specifics. [Wall Street Journal, 04-May-98]

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