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The Power of The Internet

The UNIX Time-Sharing System by D.M. Ritchie and K. Thompson.

Writings From the Past are notes about the history of Unix from Dennis Ritchie. Ritchie is the creator of the C programming language and a major Unix contributor.

Unix and Beyond: An Interview with Ken Thompson was conducted by the IEEE Computer Society during May 1999. Ken Thompson is the creator of Unix.

Reflections on Trusting Trust is a paper written by Ken Thompson upon receiving the ACM Turing Award in August 1984.

Plan 9 and Inferno are two systems created by Thompson and Ritchie after doing Unix.

Music on Demand is a Wired News article about the day in the life of Ken Thompson (the creator of Unix).

Email from Dennis Ritchie to help clarify who is who when comes to Kernighan, Ritchie, and Thompson.

A Tribute to the Unix and Its People is an excellent resource provideded by
Timeline of GNU/Linux and Unix includes pictures and numerous hyperlinks to other Unix history related resources.
Simple End-User Linux goal is to have a comprehensive suite of high-quality applications available under the GPL for the Linux platform, as well as a broader base of educated users around the world who understand why free software is better. -- Linux SysAdmin Portal: "Information for Linux System Administrators . . . . and anyone who manages a Linux box."
Linux in a Nutshell Commands provided by O'Reilly's ONLAMP resource.
Geek-Girl is a content-rich Unix related website.
Unix Guru Universe is a good site to visit if you think you are a  guru.
Linux Help & How-To is a useful resource for obtaining information about the Linux operating system.
The Unix Heritage Society aims include The preservation and maintenance of historical and orphaned UNIX systems; The further development of existing UNIX systems; and the continual fostering of the Unix community spirit.
VI Lovers Homepage provides information on the vi text editor.
telnet to see if you would like to establish an account on a Unix system.
University of Washington provides an excellent resource about learning the basics of Unix.
Unix is a Four Letter Word helps acquaint new users with Unix and the vi text editor. It also provides a quick reference in case you forget how to do something.
UNIXHelp for Users provides helpful information for users of the Unix operating system. It was developed at the University of Edinburgh.
SysAdmin Magazine is an excellent magazine that every Unix SysAdmin should have a subscription to.
Unix Review is an oldie-moldie magazine that just keeps producing good articles.
Linux Journal claims they are the premier magazine of the Linux Community.
Usenet Newsgroups

If your ISP doesn't provide Usenet access, then use Google Groups. [As of 20 August 2002, there were 28 comp.unix newsgroups.] I have found the following newsgroups helpful: comp.std.unix, comp.unix.questions,, and comp.unix.programmer.

Linux Links
Phoenix Linux User Group
Linux Today
VA Software Archive
Linux Planet
Linux Kernel Archives

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