Thurman Speaks About Unix and Objects

There are two computing topics that I spend a lot of time lecturing about: Unix and Objects.


I can not change the Unix terminology. Examples:

Unix terminology can get strange; especially if you objectize it (i.e. use object-oriented terms).


The power of object-oriented computing is that objects mirror real-world (understandable) objects.

Ideally, I should focus exclusively about computer related objects (they don't have to be real-world; they could be imaginary future computing objects). But computer objects can be complicated; therefore, real-world objects are used for some examples. The contractual nature of a class and class design practices dictate that I talk about corrupting objects (i.e. causing objects to take on invalid states). Examples:

When terminology gets weird, I like using The Jargon File.

Creator: Gerald Thurman (gdt) [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 06 Feb 2002