Thurman Speaks About Increasing Tuition Rates

Thanks to 911, goofy investors, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the universities of Arizona and the Maricopa County Community College District have been able to hike tuition rates considerably more than normal. There is no doubt in my mind that tuitions will go up again next year, but the modest 2%-3% increases will be applied to much higher rates.

During the span of the Spring 2003 semester, I wrote numerous notes arguing again tuition increases, but this effort was a complete failure. This webpage provides hyperlinks to those notes.

GDT::Speaks::University of Arizona Take a Tuition Stand

I wish these students luck in the fight against increasing rates.

It's Official: The MCCCD Hikes Tuition Rates 10.7%

Beginning 01 July 2003, MCCCD tuition rates will be $51 per credit hour. This is a 10.7% over the old rate of $46. The 10.7% increase is completely out of line of today's current inflation rate, but the increase is considerably less that the 39% increase at ASU. The MCCCD must be congratulated on taking advantage of the opportunity they had to jack-up the tuition rates. There is no need for students to worry about increased tuitions hampering their ability to get an education -- there is more money available for them to borrow. In other words, taking on debt for educational purpose is OK (or at least that is what our state universities and the MCCCD are telling us). [02 May 2003]

GDT::Speaks::Maybe the MCCCD Can't Hike Tuition Rates?

The March 2003 Governing Board disagreed on the 10.7% tuition increase and they'll hash it out next month. Maybe there are others within the MCCCD that feel a 10.7% increase is too much and that the MCCCD should not up tuitions just because it is so easy for them to do. [26 March 2003]

GDT::Speaks::Final Words About College Tuitions

An Arizona Republic front-page article about how college students are starting their adult lives with huge debts prompted me to speak about rising tuition rates one final time. [06 March 2003]

GDT::Speaks::ASU Tuition Rates Ready to Jump Almost 40%
The Arizona Republic writes an editorial supporting tuition increases and I had to reply. Note: This note is sub-titled I'm Morphing Into a Ralph Kramden. [05 March 2003]
GDT::Speaks::MCCCD Tuition Rates May Increase 10.7% (Because They Can)
911 and current economic conditions (24 February 2003) make it easy for the Maricopa County Community College District to raise tuitions. [24 February 2003]

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 26 Mar 2003