Arizona Universities Will Raise Tuition Rates Again in 2005

The 15 February 2005 Arizona Republic headline read: "Tuition may go up again in Arizona."

I am at a total loss as to why the Republic used the word may -- the headline should have read: "Tuition will go up again in Arizona."

The newspaper reported that the following tuition rate increases are being requested.

   in-state UA undergrads ... 11.4% 
   in-state ASU undergrads ... 8.3%
   in-state NAU undergrads.... 7.8%

What are the Maricopa Community Colleges planning to do with their tuition rates?

I have not heard what the MCCCD is going to do, but my guess is that tuition rates will increase 5.5% to $58 per credit hour (an increase of $3 per credit hour). Again, this is only a guess -- the MCCCD has not issued a public statement about their 2005 tuition rate adjustment.

The Maricopa Community Colleges were awarded almost $1 billion in bond monies at the end of 2004; therefore, any tuition increase during 2005 will be a form of gouging.

On 23 February 2005, I learned that the Maricopa Community Colleges are proposing FY 2005-06 budget a tuition increase of $5 per credit hour and $33 per credit hour for out of state students.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 15 February 2005