Thurman Speaks About System Administrators

Now that I have been doing some SysAdmin stuff, I have an increased admiration for good system administrators.

System administration is a non-trivial task requiring extensive knowledge and a variety of computing skills.

If I was looking for a SysAdmin, then they would have to correctly answer the following.

My SysAdmin doesn't need to know every shell, every text editor, every scripting language, every version of Unix, and so forth. What they do need to know, however, is how to design and implement tools using the Unix Philosophy.

If you have an ethically grounded SysAdmin that can keep systems simple, open, secure, efficient, and maintainable, then you have yourself a good one. Keep them happy and show them some respect.

A good SysAdmin should be allocated time to participate in professional organizations and local user groups.

SysAdmin Humor

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 27 July 1999