Thurman Speaks About Super Bowl 2002

It only seems fitting that the 2002 Super Bowl champions are named the Patriots.

I watched the game and recorded a list of dot-coms that advertised. [It turned out to be a great game for New England, but the Rams quarterback must of forgotten to eat his Wheaties.]

Here is my dot-com list.

   yahoo.com -- one of my favorite dot-coms
   etrade.com -- online investing
   mlife.com -- AT&T Wireless
   monster.com -- online jobs
   hotjobs.com -- online jobs [recently acquired by yahoo]

   theantidrug.com -- anti-drug website
   infect-truth.com -- anti-tobacco website

Pepsi Does Britney
Pepsi did a musical production starring Britney Spears that spanned Pepsi commercials from the 1950s to today. Do you Yahoo? Pepsi and Britney do.

   Pepsi Britney Spears - Now and Then

mLife is Your Life Made Truly Mobile
During the first half of the game there was a continuous stream of commercials for mLife. The commercials begged the question: What is mLife? I was tempted to visit the website, but didn't. Turns out mLife is a major marketing effort on the part of AT&T Wireless. The front section of the next day's Arizona Republic newspaper included a full-two-page mLife advertisement.

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 04 Feb 2002
Last Modified: Saturday, 05-Jan-2013 11:20:44 MST