ThurmSpeaks: About Reputation (And Being Easy)

I don't care about reputation [def: known or reported character]. I've been told that at ASU I have the reputation of being easy. I say foo to that. Nothing and nobody is easy. How in the hell do you define easy? What exactly does easy mean?

Don't take a class because the instructor is easy. Take a class because an instructor is busting his butt just like you are. Maybe he is slow -- big deal. I'm only 42 years old and am entering into my prime. I want to enjoy it. I'm really into Learning About Computing because computing is a huge part of my life. This is amazing because I don't like computers. I hate the word stupid - and nobody is stupid - but computers are stupid. They have a collective IQ of zero. If because I reduce computers down to being nothing makes me easy, then I'm easy.

The paper-less office? Joke. Paper is good. Serious study has to be done from paper. Compliment the paper with good Internet resources and you are in a position to learn lots of stuff in an efficient manner. And my use of efficient is in units of time. If wanting to save time makes me easy, then I'm easy.

I'm fond of ThurmBit::Time. Everybody and everything is out-of-sync because we are all focused on time. Time is our most precious resource. I like the saying "Use it, or lose it." Since you are going to lose it, then you might as well use it. From Neil Young:

   Fourteen junkies too weak to work 
   One sells diamonds for what they're worth 
   Down on pain street, disappointment lurks 
   Son, don't be home too late. 
   Try to get back by eight 
   Son, don't wait till the break of day 
   'Cause you know how time fades away. 
   Time fades away 
   You know how time fades away. 

If wanting to escape the jaws of time makes me easy, then I'm easy.

The Internet is a great way to share yourself with the world. ThurmUnit gets hit from time-to-time. I'm glad I don't have access to the server logs. I'd probably learn that all I'm doing is talking to myself. If true, then it is a moot (insignificant) point. I'm learning. I'm learning everyday all day long and that's fun. If wanting to make learning an enjoyable experience makes me easy, then I'm easy.

ThurmUnit is my playground. It is what I use for learning purposes. It is how I document my work. I just happen to share my notes with anybody who wants to learn from them. My websites are also an addiction to me. I've been working on an Internet addiction piece, but it got too personal in nature and I still consider it a work-in-progress [it can be found on the website, but I haven't given out the link]. If wanting to add a personality to my website makes me easy, then I'm easy.

I am not academic; I'm a programmer. I will always be a programmer (and I will never be academic). Programming is enticing. There are so many things that need programming. One of the big benefits that programming can offer: time. I love to hear Jerry Garcia sing:

   ... that lucky old sun got nothin' to do, 
   but roll around heaven all day... 
If not being an academic makes me easy, then I'm easy.

I'm always writing programs to help me work on my stuff. These are tools. I like creating and using my own tools. It's fun and a great way to learn. If having fun while learning makes me easy, then I'm easy.

If having fun at what you do makes you easy, then I'm easy. But who gives a rat's hair about reputation? Not I.

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: End of Fall 1999 Semester