Thurman Speaks About Einstein Saying Play is Important

Arizona supports all-day kindergarten. On 12 May 2005 I read an article in the Arizona Republic about how many schools -- to improve learning -- are reducing the length of recess. The article prompted me to send the following Letter To The Editor (which was ignored).

   Schools pressured to cut recess [12 May 2005]

   I fail to see how all day kindergarten and reduced 
   recess times are going to help allay the defects found 
   in America's educational systems.  Albert Einstein was
   quoted saying:  "If A is Success, then A = X + Y + Z, 
   where 'X' is work, 'Y' is play, and 'Z' is keep your 
   mouth shut."  I obviously haven't learned 'Z' yet, 
   but the kids of Arizona are at risk of not learning 
   about the importance of 'Y'.  

[Update::20 August 2005]
On 17 August 2005, prior to the start of the Fall 2005 semester, GDT::Play:: Playing is Important (e-playground) was created.

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