Thurman Speaks About PC-Turnoff Week

The following is an email message sent to TalkBack@ArizonaRepublic.com on Sunday, 31 July 2005. In this case, PC is used to stand for Personal Computer and not Political Correctness; however, in this case, it is too bad the PC did stand for Personal Computer.
   The Saturday, 30 July 2005, Business section of the 
   Arizona Republic had a short blurb about the week 
   of 1-7 August being "PC-Turnoff Week." In this case 
   "PC" stands for its original meaning "Personal Computer."
   In other words, the PC-Turnoff Organization wants kids
   to turn off their computer for a week.  Too bad the "PC"
   doesn't stand for "Political Correctness."  Just image 
   how much fun it would be if we could turnoff political 
   correctness for an entire week--maybe we would experience 
   some real "free speech."

   With respect to turning off computers, I don't know what benefits 
   are going to be derived without also implementing TV-Turnoff, 
   Cell Phone-Turnoff, Hollywood-Turnoff, Mall-Turnoff, and so on.

[quote::"political correctness stifles free speech"]

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