Thurman Speaks About Neil Young Turning 58 Years Young

I want to say Happy Birthday to Neil Young. Maybe someday he will see this webpage. Neil is now 58 years young. I have always liked Neil's last name of Young.

Last night I watched a Mayberry reunion. Earlier this year Neil Young reminded me that I am a young man getting younger.

I know about Greendale.

I think the word genius is overused, but Neil Young is a genius.

Thanks to Neil's music, I have been a long-time friend of his.

My learning about Neil Young started when I was a senior at UW-Whitewater. I went with a small group of buddies to see the movie The Last Waltz that was being shown on campus. The Last Waltz is a movie of the last concert by The Band. Shortly into the movie comes out Neil Young with guitar and harmonica. Neil first gives Thanks for being given the opportunity to share a stage with The Band. He then does Helpless with Joni Mitchell offering soft backgrounds. I became an instant Neil Young roadie.

I remember reading Neil saying that if he does well, then those around him do well. I've had this dream my entire adult life.

Neil Young is a honorary member of my computing DreamTeam. Neil Young is the ultimate example of a hacker.

Earlier I wrote the word "successful." Tough word. The number of possible definitions approach infinity. But I believe my definition of successful is connected with Neil Young's.

In 1973, 30 short years ago, Neil sang...

   "You can live your own life
    Making it happen
    Working on your own time
    Laid back and laughin'"

In 2003, at the start of the 21st Century, Neil shares Greendale with us and he sings...

   Grandma says...
   "A little love and affection
    In everything you do
    Will make the world a better place
    With or without you."

   Grandpa says...
   "Shows with 'Love and Affection,' 
    like Mama used to say. 
    A little Mayberry living 
    Could go a long long way." 

   Grandpa's dying words were...
   "That guy just keeps singin'! 
    Can somebody shut him up? 
    I don't know for the life of me 
    Where he comes up with that stuff."

Neil says it is all one song. I agree.

To Neil Young... "may you stay forever Young."
["Dylan said that."]

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 12 Nov 2003
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