Thurman Speaks About Rufus Glasper Assuming the Chancellorship

Dr. Rufus Glasper is the new chancellor of the MCCCD. I wrote the following and got it posted to the 02 October 2003 edition of the Arizona Republic blog located at http://pluggedin.azcentral.com.

   Composed Date:10/01/2003 07:46 AM
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   Subject: MCCCD Chancellorship

   The Maricopa County Community College District is one
   of the most respected and biggest community college
   districts in the nation. I am at a loss as to why
   only one MCCCD employee wanted to lead the district
   into the 21st century. I think every MCCCD employee
   who was eligible for the position should be required
   to file a public statement indicating why they did
   not want to be chancellor.

   I find it odd that Dr. Glasper got the job with zero
   competition -- how lucky for him. How can the MCCCD
   board ensure they got the best person for the job when
   they had only one choice? I am dumbfounded as to why
   a national search was not executed to find a 21st century
   leader. I realize the MCCCD board wanted to inject some
   stability into the institution so they can get a huge
   bond passed next year, but this board has proven themselves
   incapable of learning from their errors and they don't
   deserve a $1 billion bond.

   Gerald D. Thurman
   Tempe, Arizona


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   Look for your letter soon in "Plugged In"
   Phil Boas
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Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 02 Oct 2003