Thurman Speaks About Thinking Bigger About Light-Rail

With news that Scottsdale's Los Arcos mall is going to become the ASU Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation, it becomes increasing important that the Valley of the Sun's new light-rail system do a good job of connecting-the-dots.

The current light-rail plan supports what is primarily an east/west route that connects downtown Tempe with downtown Phoenix. This is as it should be, but what is missing is a north/south route that will connect the business cluster forming along the Loop 101 in Chandler and south Tempe (the ASU Research Park) to north Scottsdale (the airpark). Along the way, the north/south light-rail route will have stops at the ASU Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation and Scottsdale Community College.

The light-rail system needs to take on a t-shape with the primary intersection at Apache Boulevard and the Loop 101. I am ignoring the northern spur located at the west-end of the light-rail.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 27 May 2004