Thurman Speaks About Labor Day and Holidays

This GDT::Speaks was written on Labor Day, 2003. I like Labor Day, but I'm not sure I would feel the same way if I did not have a job to labor at.

I am constantly reminded that I am getting old. This is because our society lives by the 365.25 (approximate) days per year model of time. Sadly, age matters to too many people. Our years are too short and that in turn causes us to grow old too quickly.

I have used holidays to help learn about webpages. I respect separation between church and state; therefore, I only do non-secular holidays (I think). Jakob Nielsen -- web Usability Guru -- says it is a good idea for websites to do something to acknowledge a holiday. Google does a great job of this by making small edits to their homepage logo although this year they did not honor Labor Day.

Speaking of Labor Day...

Labor Day is a holiday in which many people take a day off from laboring to spend the day as they feel fit. Many of us get paid for not working on Labor Day. Money for nothing is nice, but the timing of Labor Day does not fit everybody's schedule. For example, this year (2003) I cannot have a labor-less Labor Day. I don't want 01 September 2003 to be a holiday because it does not fit my schedule.

Speaking of schedules...

I find Arizona's school schedules strange. Summer vacation begins early May and ends early August. When I was a kid summers ran from Memorial Day to the day after Labor Day. In 2003 I returned to work on 18 August 2003 and I have only been to work for 13 days. The school semester has just started and I don't need a day off. I am free to work all day today, but I may not be able to get anything done because my co-workers are exercising their freedom to celebrate Labor Day as they see fit. This Labor Day holiday has taken away my freedom to do the work that I want to do.

Speaking of freedom...

Holidays can be freedom thieves.

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Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 01 Sep 2003

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