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Thurman Speaks About "Hello, World" Programs

Many begin learning a new programming language by writing a program that prints the phrase "hello, world."

Catb.org::Hello, World definition from the Jargon Dictionary.

GDT::Code::Hello, World programs as they were written in the 1st and 2nd editions of The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie.

WikiBooks.org::Computer Programming/Hello World in a bunch of different programming languages.

Infiltec.com::Hello, World humor about how various types of programmers/non-programmers write "hello, world" programs.

[wow] Hello, World -- as presented in "A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B" by Brian Kernighan. The following is a quote from Dennis Ritchie (circa 1997): "A final note of possible historical interest or amusement: so far as Brian and I can remember, the Tutorial contains the first instance of a 'hello, world' program."

[wow] Hello, World -- an article by Rob Pike and Ken Thompson discussing how and why Plan 9 from Bell Labs was converted from ASCII to an ASCII-compatible variant of the Unicode Standard.

The simpliest "hello, world" program that I know is written using a Unix shell (Bourne or BASH). At the prompt, type echo hello, world and press ENTER.

[side-bar] I did a lot of searching for an audio clip that plays the phrase "hello, world" but was unable to find one; consequently, I rolled my own. If you hear someone saying "hello, world" when you visit this webpage, then that's me.

The rule is to never use "click here" on a webpage, but click here if you want to get totally annoyed over the phrase "hello, world."